Re-L Mayer was a Medical Professional to the Nightsisters, and wife to Lord Gallant. She lead a long life in where Re-L, during several instances left the Citadel, only to return months or years later. Known as the Black Widow for her poisions and her methods on and off the batteflied, Re-L was truly a Medical "Jedi" or Force-User she preferred to be called, of her time. Her daughters, Lynn and Henrietta were shipped off to a Sith Academy to be taught the ways of the force.

During Re-L's time with the Nightsisters, during her first "go around", Re-L studied under Rhiannon, a Matriarch to the Sisters ( The one after Sabine ), however due to circumstances the Nightsisters were left with no Matriarch and a vote had to be taken up... during that time Re-L was in favor with majority of the Nightsisters and was voted and put up in the position of the Matriarch; however, this would be short lived, for due to the stress and strain of her own natural empathy, the "black widow" within Re-L snapped and broke forth into her consciousness, and she left the Citadel, permanantly.


~ Lord Gallant

~ Zadea Riso Ordo

~ Danielle Valentine

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