Third EyesEdit

A product of Sith magic developed long ago, these devices appear as golden coronets. Through meditation, a person wearing one of these coronets can undergo an out of body experience, during which their minds can travel about the nearby area, allowing them to see around corners, over ledges etc. Though it is not nessecary to be a force-sensitive to use one of these devices, those who are typically find the process much easier, and are able to better stay aware of their surroundings to defend themselves if attacked while using the device. During this process a red gem over the user's forhead glows faintly,creating the false impression of a malevolently glowing eye for which the objects are named.

Colony ShipEdit

A sphere two meters in diameter, the Sith colony ship has no discernable back or front. Unknown metals used in its contruction are completely black and seem to absorb light, making it hard to discern the ship with the naked eye. Six clusters of engines are located on various faces of the vessel, each one capable of propelling the ship individually. Originally a vessel not intended for war, the colony ship was nevertheless armed with rings of turbolasers that surround its entire mass, protecting it from all sides equally.

The vessel's main defense is a nigh-impenetrable Ray Shield. Instead of hugging the ship like a normal shield, this ray shield extends out in a bubble half a kilometer above the surface of the vessel, allowing for a more efficeint distribution of energies, but causing the shield to block laser fire from both directions, rendering the colony ship's turbolasers as useless as those of the enemy ship. Because there is no particle shield included in this defense, solid objects such as starfighters, asteroids and proton torpedoes can pass trhoguh the shield without incident. Therefore, the colony ship will typically endeavor to stay out of torpedoe range with any ship powerful enough to pose a threat.

A more recent addition to the ship's armament is a series of rail guns similar to those found on a Sith Meditation Sphere, although designed on a much larger scale. Though powerful, the guns are not able to be turned, so they must be fired straight forward. For this reason, a battery of six rail guns is located on the face of the ship directly oposite each engine cluster. Because of this positioning one battery is always facing toward the "front" of the ship.