Rahmus Baktran was the leader and founder of the Endor Night Jedi Citadel. Originally a teacher at the Hoth Citadel, he moved to Endor and established a new Citadel, taking the rank of Patriarch. His character is currently MIA, as his author not logged into the Universe for some time.


Rahmus was charismatic and had a light toned face, with black drapes of hair falling over his eyes. He often wore the black robe of a Sith Lord, but kept it open in the front, revealing custom Silver-White Mandalorian Armour.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

His standard battle dress, including his Mandalorian Armour, included a X-45 Sniper Rifle strapped across his back, and a belt carrying a DL-44 Pistol, his lightsaber, and both thermal and CryoBan detonators. He was also given a Thaissen crystal Saber, and an SSS, by two of the members of the Night Jedi.


He was known to have commanded several ships throughout his time, and all surviving vessels have now moved into Night Jedi service under Jobie Wan Kenobi. 1 Corellian Dreadnaught 'Nightscythe' 1 Corellian Gunship 'Nocturnus' 4 Dornean Gunships (Configured with Proton Torpedo Launchers) (One of which named Foehammer) 3 Dornean Gunships (Configured with Ion Cannons) 10 Modified medium 'rebel' transports An unknown number of vulture droids

The ground forces in his command also are now considered to be in Night Jedi service, and these include ARC troopers, Security Forces, and an array of Republic-era Walkers.


Early DaysEdit


Night JediEdit

Rahmus was a member of the Night Jedi Hoth Citadel, until he relocated to Endor, and founded the Endor Citadel. He was Partriarch of the Citadel for several years, between 30 and 35 ABY. Sometime in 35 ABY, he disappeared from Endor, leaving no trace as to where he went.