The Pydyr Mission was one of the Night Jedi's few official offworld missions.


Valiana, one the the students of the Endor Citadel, was having troubles with visions of her old master, Angrod. She suspected that Angrod's spirit sometimes possessed her, while the Night Jedi believed it to be related to Force-based illusions and memories.

After various failed attempts to help, involving group meditation in the Room of Undulating Darkness, and a semi-successful crystal memory dampener, Ne'aol, the Citadel's High Chronicle, found a reference to the Falanassi's Memory Rub technique, which he thought may help.

Other Night Jedi, including Jobie Wan Kenobi consulted about this idea, and it was decided that they should visit the Falanassi, as Jobie had found they had other related experience in similar matters as well.


Ne'aol and Jobie organised the mission, Jobie researched the Fallanassi, locating them on Pydyr, and launched a probe to scan the world. Ne'aol decided it would be best to take a Diplomatic Barge, along with the escort services of parts of Ne'aol's Haven Defence Fleet. The combined mission fleet would be known as the Endeavour Fleet. A route was planned, and such a long voyage would require a refuelling stop, which would be at Coruscant.

Outward JourneyEdit

The Endeavour Fleet left from Endor, with Valiana deciding to fly separately in her X-Wing.



Behind the ScenesEdit

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