The Proto-Corruption, bonded to its creator.

The Proto-Corruption (officially designated Project SO-6, and derivatively nicknamed "Oilblot" by those that fought it) was a biological experiment by mad Dark Jedi Aherk Formidonis, and his masterpiece over the creation of life, created from ysalamiri, Yuuzhan Vong, and orbalisk DNA. Initially intended to bolster the abilities of Force users, its side effects proved too malignant to make it truly useful, and it was shelved until used in an insane, bloody attack on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After a long time in operation, bonding to several hosts, the beast was slain on Dantooine.


Project SO-6 was originated on Kamino, where the mad scientist Aherk Formidonis sought a way to augment his mediocre Force potency, with the hope of enabling him to best stronger opponents, while at the same time negating their own Force power. Starting by studying the properties of ysalamiri, which neutralized the Force surrounding it, and sending his personal droid KR-03 to capture a Yuuzhan Vong (a species also noted for their immunity and existence outside of the Force), Formidonis worked for months until he found a potent combination that utilized the best elements of both species. The comparatively simple organic compound, dubbed Phase One, negated all influence from the Force surrounding it when tested, acting much like a more potent form of miriskin.

Having developed a way to negate the powers of other Force-users, Formidonis' next step was to find a way to keep it from cancelling out his own. Traveling to Dxun, the Dark Jedi captured a number of orbalisks and brought them back to Kamino, dissecting and studying them; how they augmented the Force of the user, how they fed off of the midichlorians of the host, and how the relationship between parasite and host worked on a cellular level. Working nonstop for a far longer period of time and after much trial and error, Formidonis was eventually able to apply the organic Phase One compound to the orbalisks at a genetic level in a way that enabled them to maintain their usual nature while being immune to the very thing it fed on. These genetically-engineered orbalisks, collectively named Phase Two organisms, were eventually a success.

But it was in the final phase of Project SO-6's origin that Formidonis faced a problem that almost derailed the project entirely. Bonding with these orbalisks would be little better than bonding with ordinary creatures of the same species; eventually, they would multiply and suffocate him, missing the entire point of the biological weapon. Formidonis required a much more stable base in order to safely bond with and use Project SO-6. Searching high and low across the galaxy for almost an entire year, he found nothing that would solve his problem. Disheartened, but refusing to simply give up after all the time he spent in its development, Formidonis simply chose to create his own base.

Finally, after two years of on-and-off work, Aherk Formidonis was able to produce Phase Three; a large single-celled organism that augmented the Force properties of its user, as well as negating incoming Force influence. Project SO-6, a jet black, oil-like symbiote, was born.

Preliminary Testing

To give the organism a control test and establish a baseline using ordinary sentients, Formidonis posed as a government geneticist from Coruscant, and paid four Kaminoan volunteers to come to his house in the stormier region of Kamino under the guise of testing a benign symbiote on various species. To begin, Formidonis had each of the volunteers perform basic tasks; lifting a large weight, solving a complicated mathematical problem, and navigating a small obstacle course. Then taking them to his laboratory, he placed them all into emptied bacta tanks and hooked them up to sensory equipment before dropping a small sample of Project SO-6 on each of the volunteers' heads via a remote controlled mechanism.

The results were staggering.

Project SO-6 proved

Project SO-6, utilizing a Kaminoan host.

even more effective than Formidonis could have ever hoped. Each sample completely bonded with their selected host, completely encasing them in a black second skin. The Kaminoans, all testing negative for sensitivity to the Force, showed an incredible increase in all areas. Releasing one volunteer at a time, they were all able to lift the previously heavy weight with relative ease, solve the complex problem as though it were simple arithmetic, and move through the obstacle course as simply as they might walk. However, when the final volunteer completed the final test, Formidonis made the mistake of allowing them to be in the same room without anything to guard them as he went to get his lightsaber to kill the hosts and reclaim the separated organism. For reasons yet unknown to him, the volunteers all viciously attacked one another, saving Formidonis the work as all but one of the volunteers was killed (the last of whom Formidonis slew himself).

Lessons Learned

A great deal was gleaned from the testing phase. Going over the statistics of the test, they indicated a very noticeable increase in strength, agility, and intelligence. However, each of these feats and increases were still within the physical and cognitive range of the average Kaminoan, even if at their most extreme; Formidonis thus hypothesized that the symbiote bonded with the host at a much more basic level, bonding with the brain itself and shutting off the mental blocks that kept a sentient from reaching their true potential, using itself to negate any damage the user may accumulate as a result. In this respect, Project SO-6 was a greater success than Formidonis had ever imagined.

On the other hand, however, the volunteers all turned on each other, whereas prior to their bonding they had been relatively friendly. At first, Formidonis hypothesized that this was a result of the combined DNA of the orbalisk and Yuuzhan Vong; if Project SO-6 did indeed latch onto the brain, then it was not too big a leap to assume that the combined DNA of both species (both of them noted for being especially vicious in their daily lives) being interpreted by the host mind would be expressed. But that would only make them hostile; what Formidonis observed was phenomenal in its savagery and its carnage. The Kaminoans would have fought amongst themselves tactically, using their newfound intelligence to find ways around their new enemies. However, they simply launched an all-out assault on their kin, not stopping until they themselves were killed. Formidonis' final hypothesis stated that, even if divided, Project SO-6 had a single consciousness, and the hosts were all being influenced by it being forced to experience each of their sensations and bodies all at once; their savagery was, therefore, the result of the symbiote not being able to make sense of its multiple viewpoints, and the attacks were the result of this confusion also being transmitted to the hosts.

But, as Aherk Formidonis knew as a scientist, there was only one way to find out.

A Binding Contract

Knowing that he would never truly know what Project SO-6 was until he underwent a field test himself, Formidonis made plans to do so. Resting and eating heartily so that the bioweapon would have a stronger base to build from, Formidonis took it out into the storms of Kamino and unleashed it.

Immediately, Project SO-6 began bonding with the Dark Jedi, excruciatingly bonding with each individual nerve and connecting to Formidonis on the cellular level. After it bonded, however, Formidonis felt fantastic; any hint of pain was gone, and he felt his body filled with energy, so much so that he could not fathom the idea of simply standing around and testing each of the symbiote's faculties. He wanted to move. He wanted to play.

So he did.

For an hour, Formidonis truly unleashed his potential. He juggled heavy crates of supplies in his hangar, threw KR-03 around like a rag doll in a combat simulation, and felt the Force as he never had before, feeling like a conduit of its energy in and of himself. But in addition to all this, Project SO-6 seemed to unleash some new abilities of its own. Formidonis discovered that it had a unique ability to produce tendrils of varying thickness by rapidly building cells and projecting them at high velocity. An off-shoot of that, it could also snake microscopic tendrils into just about every surface it came into contact with; a very localized, weak form of fusion, enabling Project SO-6 and its host to stick to sheer surfaces such as walls and ceilings. And all throughout the test, Formidonis never once felt compelled to fury or anger beyond his norm. He felt the urge to truly unleash his rage, but he amounted this to his mind being influenced by the symbiote's unique DNA.

When the time came to remove the bioweapon, Formidonis found it difficult. He enjoyed using it, almost too much, but having bonded with it to such an intimate degree, forcing a separation was incredibly difficult. He'd had an idea before he unleashed, Project SO-6, however, as though he was insane, he was not stupid enough to come into contact with an organism that only abandoned its host after it died. It was immune to the Force, but Project SO-6 was still as much a part of him as he was of it; it could understand him, and his commands, otherwise he never would have been able to shoot a tendril out of his arm on command. Sitting in a meditative state, he reached out to the symbiote, willing it off of him not with the power of the Force, but with the power of his mind. At first, he was unsuccessful. But after several attempts, he managed to have the weapon peel back from his face, hands and feet, and was soon after able to force it back into its container.

He promptly fell over, completely exhausted.

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