"One shall be formed whom the task shall fall upon, to embrace the reverse of what he was designed to be, to maintain the equilibrium. He will be called; the fulcrum of the force."
― – Journal of the Whills 1.5.15

The Prophecy of ballance also known as the Fulcrum of the force was an ancient prophecy written down in the Journal of the Whills. It was a prophecy that was little well known, and had almost tumbled into obscurity.

The prophecy detailed how an individual would be either made or born from darkness, this was led to be believed that this individual would be born from the dark side itself. Although the prophecies contents remains largely unknown.

It would later come to be believed that Steffo Rancis to some extent fulfilled the prophecy.

History of the ProphecyEdit

"Wrought from shadows that made him,

Into the abyss of the storm he will fall, Lie shattered his spirit of Iron, Darkness shall overcome all, Soar from the ashes the Guardian, Determine darkness’s ploy, Arise, the Custodian of the Lightside, Protector, Peacekeeper, Envoy."

-Poem from Journal of the Whills 1.6.15

It was when Siela Rancis found out her son, rescuing him from death at the hands of his father, believing that from what she knew, Steffo would be the one to fulfil the ancient prophecy.

Unlike other prophecies, this one is not about the power of the individual nor force potential, but more about overcoming a personal trial and overcoming all odds to turn a weapon created by the dark side against the ones who created it.

The difference in terms of the 'weapon' itself was that, the weapon was an individual and not some other form of weapon. Indeed as later was found out, Steffo Rancis was constructed by Abigor Rath and Feral Ragnos after a series of trials to create the perfect host body for receiving the spirit of Exar Kun.

The Sith Lord's plans were to return the shattered pieces of Exar Kun's spirit to a complete state, and then through a ritual transfer the spirit into the host body.

After many trials, Steffo was created and was deemed as a success. It was engineered that Steffo was to be broken, both physically and mentally.

Eventually of course the Jedi Knight, turned this upon its head and used the abilities he had been gifted to destroy the Sith,rather than aid them.

However it is not yet certain how the Jedi went on to maintain an equilibrium, this is partially because no one can agree on whether the equilibrium the prophecy was meant to bring about lay within the individual or within the force itself.

If it was the first, then that would mean the Jedi would have to maintain a balance presumably between light and dark, if it referred to the latter than that would mean Steffo would have had to maintain a balance between light and dark.

It is more likely that it was the first argument that was correct, since Steffo spent a portion of years as a Sith apprentice, and through his life had to maintain an inner balance.

Yet this is mere speculation and it is widely believed that this prophecy is yet to either be fully fulfilled or that the individual to whom the prophecy refers is not Steffo.

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