Tartan-class Patrol Cruiser, Pride of Pzob

The Pride of Pzob was a Tartan-class patrol cruiser belonging to the Famine Lord's personal fleet. It was originally constructed by the Damorian Manufacturing Corporation and later modified by Twin Suns Transport Services. As intended for the original Tartan-class ships, the Pride was used for systems patrol. Its armament was ill matched against capital ships, though very effective against starfighters. Like the Bloodhawk, the warship had a top speed that could match that of an X-wing starfighter. Sophisticated targeting and sensor equipment allowed it to rapidly engage small fast moving ships.

As the name suggests, the Pride was usually deployed in the Herios sector near Pzob. Its armoured plating consisted of havod alloy, giving the hull a deep crimson hue. Along with the twenty heavy laser cannons, six harpoon launchers were added, three to each spread, spread equal distance from the front of the ship to the back end. This allowed the vessel to either capture disable starfighters, or hold enemy ships in place while its laser cannons picked them apart. The harpoon launchers were tied in with the targeting computers, though could be controlled automatically if necessary.

Due to its small size, the Pride of Pzob did not have an internalized hangar bay or exterior rack. To compensate for this, the ship was assigned three Manta-class assault starfighters. The Mantas possessed magnetic clamps that fastened to the underside of the Pride, each over an outer hatch. When the need arose, pilots were able to use the airlocks to access their starfighters and rapidly deploy. Usually these starfighters were used to assist the Pride in system patrol activities.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Length: 250 meters

Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2.0

Crew: 70 crewmembers

Passengers: 50 troops

Cargo Capacity: 500 tons

Consumables: 1 year


Fleet ComplementEdit

  • 3 Manta-class Assault Starfighters

Troop ComplementEdit

  • 50 NOE Stormtroopers
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