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Praetorite Vong emblem

The reborn Praetorite Vong was a military organization of the Yuuzhan Vong, heavily dominated by the Intendant caste. Unlike the original organization, the reborn group was headed by Domain Yin. After the failed war effort of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire, surviving members of the organization began to plot the takeover of the new seed world, Tur Yenagh. In one bold and bloody rebellion, they managed to take control of both the Citadel of Yun-Yuuzhan and the Shipwomb in orbit around the planet. All castes are represented in the Praetorite, however, not every caste receives equal treatment. Additionally, domain and caste ranks have been disregarded in favour of a new system of military structure. Nem Yin, an Executor of Domain Yin, currently serves as the unofficial head of the group.

Planets Controlled[]

  • Tur Yenagh
  • Zonama Sekot

Praetorite Fleet[]

Praetorite 1st Fleet:

Praetorite Army[]

Praetorite Mobile Infantry:

100 Tsik-Seru (HV)
100 Artillery Beast (HV)
-10 Chom-Vrone (HV)
-30 Rakamat (HV)
-10 Vangaak (HV)
-10 Tank Beast (HV)

100 Fire Breathers (MV)
-40 Quednak (MV)
200 Bissop (LV)
200 Fero Xyn (LV)
200 Umrach (LV)

5 Yammosks (NPC/MG)
30 Voxyn (NPC/PG)
425 Hunters (CT)
2000 Warriors (CT)