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Miid ro'ik, Praetorite Command.

Praetorite Command was a Miid ro'ik warship of the reborn Praetorite Vong's first fleet. It served in the capacity of both a destroyer and carrier, being equally suited to combat enemy vessels and deploy troops on foreign infidel worlds. The yorik coral coated hulk was among one of the first vessels produced by the Shipwomb after the facility was taken over by Praetorite Intendants from Domain Yin. Unlike the usual gray hue of yorik coral, the outer hull is jet black in colour due to a particular die used during the shaping process that led to its creation. This made visible detection of the heavily armoured sections difficult to differentiate from the section comprised entirely of yorik coral.

Alith Yin, a young up and coming Yuuzhan Vong of the Intendant caste served as the ships Commander. Ordinarily that rank was held only by members of the Warrior caste; however, given the Intendant caste's domination of the Praetorite Vong's leadership, an exception to the rule was made. Joining him as bridge crew were several other prestigious members of Domain Yin, with the rest of the crew being pulled from the various other domains that made up the Praetorite collective. A Yammosk, referred to as Betty, was kept separate but near the bridge section of the vessel to help coordinate yorik-et during combat.

Although its main armament was limited to sixty yaret-kor, the magma cannons packed a far heavier punch than traditional turbolasers. Not only were their effects more devastating, but the ships dovin basal based propulsion and shield system could actually drag enemy vessels into the cannons in a more effective manner than a tractor beam. Secondary armament included the powerful dread weapon that extended from the bow of the ship. Essentially the weapon was a long worm-like organism that could penetrate the hulls of enemy ships and stations, then literally suck out of the inhabitants inside. While it was possible for lucky enemy combatants to avoid being vacuumed out, generally they would die from a lack of oxygen as the dread weapon tended to drain the entirety of the atmosphere present inside of its targets.


  • 60 Yaret-Kors
  • Dread Weapon
  • Dovin Basals

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