The Phoenix Imperium is best described as a secular empire ruled by laws rather then jedi or sith religion. It is centered primarily in the galaxy around the area of the Braxtant Run with its capitol of Bastion. It controls a wide array of citizens from Jedi to Sith all controlled by the rule of law and some limited separation.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The Imperium was formed following the dissolution of the CDDC as an Empire. Hearing of the disbanding the former Second-in-Command, Matar Lyndruss, rushed to a number of the worlds once held by the CDDC and began using his former influence to bring a new empire into existence out of the remains of the CDDC.

Relationship with the Sith Consortium Edit

Further into its development the Imperium joined into a relationship with the Sith Consortium as a sister empire, although after the Consortium's original leadership left office a number of the replacements caused crisis after crisis resulting in the Imperium finally absorbing the Consortium as a subset of its own empire with its own distinct internal government.

Entrance Into the Dark Confederacy Edit

Joining with a number of other powerful factions such as the Iron Fists and the VSE the Phoenix Imperium became heavily involved in the alliance organization known as the Dark Confederacy, regularly supporting the organization in both economic and military matters.

Expansion Edit

As an empire the Imperium has recently entered a stage of expansion both through military and diplomatic means, adding new worlds to its fold as it seeks to become larger and more self sufficient.

Government Structure Edit

The Imperium operates under a authoritarian system of government run by the Lord Regent Matar Lyndruss. On a planetary level the individual systems are controlled by Imperium Governors who manage the day to day affairs and collect taxes.