Phalanx-class Battle Cruiser

Technical SpecificationsEdit


This mean looking cruiser is a concept of Stark Industries. With the need for a smaller Battle Cruiser growing for Stark Industries, our employees began to draw up designs. This is one of the designs that made the cut.

This Cruiser is fairly slow, but dominated by weaponry and can take a beating. This ship may not do well by itself due to its speed, but when complemented by a fleet, this Cruiser will show its true potential for support. The use of this ship varies, having greater success in groups or fleets and less by itself. The ship comes with a complement of 4 hanger bays that can hold 100 fighters each or 70 transport shuttles.

The cargo hold of this ship can carry 6.1 metric tons and the consumables can last the crew around 2 standard years.

The crew of this ship consists of around 2,000 member and 500 pilots

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