To help prevent Godmoding and limit excessive fleets, each RPer is only entitled one fleet. Over time, the exact constituents of this allowance have changed, but the current Natural Laws regarding fleet sizes are available from Fleet Types, Sizes, Substitutions, and Allowances

As of October 2009[edit | edit source]

Each RPer is entitled a maximum of 198 points for their personal fleet. Factions larger than 10 members may also be entitled to a bonus fleet of up to 180 points. GEC recognised businesses also get a bonus of 12 points.

The points allocation to ships is as follows:

  • Starfighters (generally <20m) (1 Point)
    • Consists of any type of starfighter with or without hyperdrive capabilities.
  • Support Class Ships (<100m) (2 Points)
    • Shuttles, blastboats, small ships used to move cargo or passengers. Bulk freighters should also be classified as transports because they are lightly armed and slow moving, especially when full.
  • Light Class Ships (101-500m) (6 Points)
    • Corvettes and light cruisers consist the majority of these type craft: small sized, usually fast, decently armed but not heavily armed.
  • Medium Class Ships (501-1000m) (12 Points)
    • Consists mostly of frigates, cruisers, and light destroyers. Bigger hangars, more troops, more heavily armed and slower than Light Class.
  • Moderate Class Ships (1001-2000m) (24 Points)
    • Consists mostly of star destroyers, heavy star destroyers, and star cruisers. Bigger hangars, more troops, more heavily armed and slower than Medium Class.
  • Heavy Class Ships (2001-4000m) (36 Points)
    • Consists mainly of bigger battleships, top of the line star destroyers, and heavy carriers. These vessels are often used as flagships.

  • Super Class Ships (4001m-25,000m) (108 Points) For use in faction fleets only.
    • These are the biggest ships around, consisting mainly of ships around the size of super star destroyers. Primary purpose is fear and destroying other fleets of capital ships.

Prior to October 2009[edit | edit source]

A similar system was used, although no points were assigned. RPers were assigned a basic suggested fleet, and then allowed to substitute vessels based on conversions such as 2 Starfighters=1 Support. The Moderate class also did not exist; Heavy class extended down to 1001m.

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