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Owen Kenobi is the second son of the Kenobi family and younger brother to legendary Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. As a child, he displayed a strong connection with the Force. Unfortunately, his older brother was chosen over him and was left to train himself. By the age of four, Owen had fully connected himself with the Force. It wasn't until three years later when his abilities were noticed. When his brother came for a visit, accompanied with his master, Qui-Gon Jinn immediately sensed the boy's connection. He took Owen back to Coruscant with him and brought him before the Council.

Yoda sensed the connection within Owen and placed him under the teachings of Jedi Master Plo Koon. Years before he came before the Council, Owen constructed a crude lightsaber with materials found in a nearby cavern. As the years passed, Owen became fascinated with machinery and how everything around him functioned. By the time he was ten, he constructed three more lightsabers and modified a Jedi Starfighter. As Owen became a teenager, he began to display a slight rebellious and cocky attitude towards his master and those around him. Eventually, he grew out of this phase and focused more on his training.

Throughout the years of his training, he developed a certain bond with fellow Padawan Lyra Venn. The two were never seen apart and were always found training together in the meditation gardens. When the two Padawans were 19, the Council sent them on a reconnaissance mission on Cato Neimoida. As the Trade Federation rose to power, Owen and Lyra slowly began to uncover the information of their dark, secret deeds. As the end of the Trade Federation grew near, the Council secretly dispatched Owen and Lyra to Kashyyyk to rescue Wookiees| enslaved by the Trade Federation. To their surprise, they were immediately captured upon their arrival. As they beat Owen for information, a nearby Wookiee broke from his restraints and attempted to rescue the young Jedi. Using this as a distraction, Owen used the Force to trick the guards into fighting themselves, then threw them up against a wall, knocking them out. The Wookiee he saved later became Owen's most trusted friend and co-pilot of Owen's first freight ship, This End Up. With the slavers unconscious, Owen moved to free Lyra and the other Wookiees. Upon his return to Coruscant, he was confirmed a Jedi Knight by the Council around the same time his brother was.

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