Overlook Base
General information


Points of interest
  • Lookout Hotel
  • Council building
  • Kacik Field
  • Desari Gorge

JvS (Chaos Era)


Overlook Base was established by the founders of the Osarian Jedi Council as an outpost from which the Council could oppose the Sith in surrounding areas. The Jedi of the Yavin IV Jedi Praxeum, and the Jedi Peacekeeping Taskforce they founded, later took to making use of the base as well, and the two orders collaborated to construct the Osarian Jedi Safe Haven there. There were four major sections to the base:

-The base proper, which held the Safe Haven, which was built on top of the old Council building, the command post, and the Lookout hotel where most of the Council lived;

-Kacik Field, named for a fallen pilot in the Osarian Guard. The Guard itself was based here.

-Lake Connor, which held an underwater base in its depths. The base in Lake Connor was intended as a concealed outpost, and none outside the Council knew of it.

-The Desari Gorge, which held a system of natural caves adapted into hangars, barracks, and a secondary command post. The caves shielded the forces inside from passive and most active detection methods, and no one outside the Guard knew of it. A company of marines and a wing of fighters were stationed there.

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