The Osarian Jedi Council was established as an outpost in the Expansion Regions to help oppose the influence of the Sith in the region. It was organized into an Executive Council, consisting of five Masters, and the lower Council which included all of the Jedi who called Osarian home. The Council was founded at the beginning of the JvS 1.0 Universe by Jedi Grandmaster John Kothos, Jedi Michael Koschoff, and Jedi Knight Justin Mills. Nearly two dozen other Jedi helped the Council to maintain a foothold on Osarian and avoid being overrun in the rush for territory, though not all of them stayed on. Other early members included Master Hans Blix, Tebana Sor, Sabriel Ashakiran, Alcyone Stella-Guida, Jarek Kwai-Lin, Canon Fodder, Rusty Shackleford,Wesley Bocock, Aaron Quist, Mike Swift, Kelno Serone, and Aron Kellemann. The Council is located on Osarian in the Expansion Region and has been involved in multiple wars for control of Osarian, as well as several operations in the Universe at large aiding other Jedi worlds. The Osarian Council later entered into a partnership with the Jedi Praxeum of Yavin IV, the two forming a close alliance in order to better serve the Jedi and the Galaxy, and to facilitate the construction of the Jedi Sanctuary there. This alliance, lead by Tebana Sor, brought Jedi such as Dav Man'Sell, Zuli Madoon, Jago Pulastra, and Ksandra Mallan in to the newly formed joint council that made decisions affecting both worlds.
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