Osarian-Rhommamool war
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Mutual peace

Major battles

Osarian Jedi Council

Tyrian Triumvirate (Rhommamool)

  • Lord Kalen Grauswein
  • Viox Savage
  • Lord Praxus

During much of the duration of Universe V1.0, the Osarian Council and the Tyrian Triumvirate were at a state of war. For the most part, this was a defensive war for the Osarian forces and an offensive one for the Triumvirate; however, at one point a counterattack actually forced the Triumvirate to abandon Rhommamool for a very short period of time before taking it back.

Causes Edit

  • The central cause of the conflict was the opposition of the combatants' philosophies, and an extension of the enmity that had always existed between the two planets. Osarian was controlled by the Osarian Jedi Council; Rhommamool, by a group of Sith who would become the Tyrian Triumvirate.

Overall, the Rhommamooli leader's viewpoint on Osarian was simple -- as far as the problem between the two worlds, proximity of the two balanced forces is the primary issue. Lord Kalen's viewpoint centers from the philosophy that he has designed for what he deems to be the "True Sith": the ideal that the Sith are meant to edify their power, and their pursuit must always be the preservation of that power at all costs. Galactic domination takes a curb-side view to this philosophy...
Osarian, however, stood to threaten this ideal -- and thus Kalen wanted to cease the threat and deal with it by striking at the source - the Osarian Jedi Council. This became the reason for what has come to be known as the "Crimson Skies Conflict".¹

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¹The account of Lord Kalen's motivations was provided by his writer, and is seen here for the most part in its original wording. What rewording has been done was done for the purpose of allowing it to flow with the rest of the article.

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