Developed by the Ylijumalat on Linnunrata as the pinnacle of hand to hand techniques and forms, Orjuus(Bondage) for throwing, locks, wrestling, and ground fighting, and Maastakarkottaa(Banish) for striking such as with the hands, elbows, knees, and legs were collectively part of the tyylit(style) known as Päätös (literally translated as "decision") that represented the unarmed aspect of Kuolinisku. Maastakarkottaa in particular was modified by the Samaanit by channelling lightning in their hands to deliver powerful blows capable of eletricuting to injure or even kill an opponent with a single blow. This variant of the style had one major flaw though: prolonged use resulted in the scarring and eventual disability of the hands (if using both)if left unhealed, although even healing eventually did not help. This was seen in Nyyrikki Tuoni who by his 50s occasionally had his right wrist in a brace due to scarring and tendon inflammation from prolonged use. He was luckily ambidextrous though, also could still use the wrist despite slight pain if not using a brace while in combat.

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