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Order of the Black Star
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Lord Decieus



  • Bassadro
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During the rising of Lord Decieus

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The Order of the Black Star was formed when Lord Decieus, a dark lord of the sith formed his own order, after having been trained in the ways of the Sith as a part of the Kashyyyk Sith Order. His three apprentices, Darth Crucifix, Darth Starfire, and Darth Ruyn came along with him to Bassadro where the Order was formed.

The Birth of PowerEdit

The Order of the Black Star was formed by Lord Decieus, and maintained allies with many of the most powerful Sith Orders in the Universe. The Order was formed on Bassadro after Lord Decieus took it from the previous Jedi rulers. As the Order grew, it also grew in reputation. The order became allied with the Ronove Order, as well as still having the alliance with the Kashyyyk Sith Order. The Order gained new members and slowly, the new members completed their trials and took on their own apprentices. Soon enough, the Order also became allied with the newly formed military organization on the planet, the Hellborn Allied Military.

Power is Won Through ActionEdit

The Order of the Black Star was becoming more and more of a formidable force. As it's leader, Lord Decieus was offered a seat on the Sith Council, the Order then soon joined the larger Sith Order becoming one of many factions to ally nuder the banner of the Sith. As it grew, the Order expanded to other planets. Though it was forced off of Bassadro, it spread to Katarr, Khomm, and Trandosha.

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