Lysippe, preparing to end a conflict

Official Name: Admiral Oran Lysippe-Dyre
Quote: "This better be good."
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Species: Zabrak
Homeworld: Haruun Kal
Occupation: Mandolorian
Force Affiliation: Neutral
Faction Affiliation: The Council of the Unified Force
Appearance: Zabrak... with Beskar armor, need I say more?
Bio: Born into a Noble family, raised by the Jedi, and trained as a Mandolorian by Rohlan Dyre during the KOTOR era
Weapons: Modular Weapons system (Kal Corp.) - slung over shoulder
Light saber - attached to belt, left side
Disruptor pistol - holstered right hip
Vibro blade knife - sheathed on left bootBeskar Armor
Force Powers: Trained Force Abilities:
1. Force Telekinesis (Mastered)
2. Force Absorb (Advanced)
3. Mind Trick (Advanced)
- Persuasion (Advanced)
4. Force Protection (trained)
5. Far Seeing (adept)
6. Force Light (adept)

Untrained/Natural Abilities:
1. Animal Friendship
2. Force Vision3. Droid Disable
Spaceship/Fleet: ==Faction Bonus==
The Council of the Unified Force Flagship
• Republic Class Star Dreadnought(Re-Fit) - The Unity
Dual Turbolaser cannons x1560 fire linked in groups of 4
Dual Heavy turbolaser cannons x1560 fire linked in groups of 4
Assault concussion missile tubes x190 (30 missiles each)
Heavy Mass Driver Cannons x190 (w/ Anti~Matter rounds from Kal Corp)
Heavy ion cannons x375
Tractor beam projectors 75
Point-defense laser cannons x1250

Unity Escort Fleet (Seijero)
• Alliance Class Star Unifier - Alliance
• Dual Heavy Turbolaser x130
• Turbolaser Canons x260
• Heavy Ion cannon Turrets x 100
• Long Range Turbolaser x20
• Proton torpedo launchers x 50
• Assault concussion missile x40
• Heavy Mass Driver Cannons x10
• Tractor beam x20
(Modified with a Crystal Gravitational Trap)

• Independence Class Battleship - Independence
• Dual Heavy Turbolaser batteries x 50
• Heavy Ion cannon Turrets x 30
• Proton torpedo launchers x15
• Assault concussion missile x15
• AMDCx 10
• Point defense Lasers x50
• Gravity mine x30

• Elite Class Cruiser - Elite
• Turbolaser Cannons x 50
• Medium Ion cannon Turrets x15
• Proton torpedo launchers x4
• Assault concussion missile x4
• Mass Driver Cannons x 6

• Elite Class Cruiser - Liberty
• Turbolaser Cannons x 50
• Medium Ion cannon Turrets x15
• Proton torpedo launchers x4
• Assault concussion missile x4• Mass Driver Cannons x 6
Ground Forces: • Advanced Recon Commandos x50 (Added equipment: Modular Weapons System, Antimatter Slugs, Multifunction Wrist Units, and Jedi Body Gloves/)
• VTOL Attack Craft x3
• Windu Class Assault Vehicle x2

50000 – Clone Troops

5000 - Elite Troops
• Clone jet troopers x 1000
• Clone paratroopers x 1000
• Clone heavy troopers x1000
• Clone heavy gunners x1000
• Phase 3 Dark troopers x1000

500 - Commando Troops
• Advanced Recon Commandos x500 (uses modular weapons system and Anti~Matter Slugs.)

35 – NPC Generals
• Knights of the Council (all equipped with the Jedi Body Glove and Wrist Unit) x35

250 - Light class vehicles-0-10m
• Arrow-23 transport land speeder x 250
• BARC x 250

375 - Medium class vehicles-10-15m
• VTOL Attack Craft x188
• Windu Class Assault Vehicle x187

300 - Heavy class vehicles-15m+
• Mobile Air Command Center x100
• AT-AT x100
• LAAT x100

10 – Supreme Class Vehicles- 300m• Unity Class Airship x 10
Accomplishments/Goals: Aided in the Arkanian uprising
Survived in Cryo-Stasis for over a thousand yearsCurrently restoring the honor of the Dyre Clan of Mandalorians
Known Masters: Rohlan Dyre
Known Apprentices: Reginald Colton

|Source=*Hidden Jedi: The Story of Arden Brandwyn - Author: Michael A. Warmkessel

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