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Production information


  • 5,000 "7 (Rifle)
  • 1,000 "7 (Module)
Physical and technical specifications
  • 1000 shots (Standard)
  • 1000 shots (Pulse-wave)
  • 1200 shots (Repeating)
  • 200 shots (Sniper)
  • 400 shots (Anti-Armour)
  • 1000 shots (Sonic)
  • 200 shots (Flamethrower)
Usage and history

Modular weapon system


JvS Golden

Codenamed Project Einherjar during development, the Operative Rifle is designed to function in a number of different roles by making use of interchangeable modules. The OR is sold with only the standard blaster module, all others have to be purchased separately. The OR can only support a single module at once. Additionally, the power packs, blaster gas, scope & other features are located in the stock of the rifle, not in the modules. This reduces the weight that the modules to only a few kilograms each.

The standard blaster module allows the OR to function as a blaster rifle. The pulse-wave module only functions as a short range weapon, however it has an incredibly high damage output per shot. The repeating blaster module raises the rate of fire at the cost of reduced accuracy & power. The sniper module increases accuracy at the cost of lowering the rate of fire. The Anti-Armour module greatly increases damage at the cost of lowering the rate of fire. The sonic module causes the OR to function as a sonic weapon. The flamethrower module allows the OR to function as an area of effect thermal weapon as each shot fires a burning cone of blaster plasma.

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