Ny'kichoa was the titled name of a M'haelian Energy Sword, a Longsword sporting energy crystals, constructed by Maliik Cronal of the Sorcerers of Rhand. Based loosely on the Energy Swords of Velmor, the M'haelian version used several Dragite crystals along with a different method of creation, including the materials used in the construction method. Ny'kichoa, in particular, was 1.4 meters in length and weighed a total of 1.8 kg, a slight increase from the normal sword due to the Sith Alchemy it was treated to during it's creation. Having been treated to multiple rituals of Sith Alchemy since being born unto the Galaxy, Ny'kichoa was nigh-indestructible by outside forces, as well as being light as a feather. The sword also conducted the Force much more easily than other blades of its kind and also served to boost the arua and power of the user weilding the weapon.

Ny'kichoa is currently in the possession of Lord Kaiden, who recieved it as a gift by Maliik Cronal upon surpassing the rank of Apprentice within the Sorcerers of Rhand.

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