This article is about the saber-scythe weapon. You may be looking for the Corellian Dreadnaught Nightscythe (Ship)

The Nightscythe, occasionally known as a Lightscythe, was a weapon fashioned by the Night Jedi. A saber-scythe, using a Thalassian Crystal variant as a primary focusing crystal, which due to it's unique structure, a network of other focusing crystals, and an EM field projector, curved the blade around the sharpened Phrik back blade-shroud of the scythe. The Thalassian Crystal gave it a deep purple glow, either with a two-toned colour using the secondary emitters, or, correctly focused, an atomic-resolution blade edge. It was made in very small numbers, and only given to the most trusted Night Jedi, who devised very individual fighting styles, and often customised the weapon even further, adjusting the hilt length, or adding tonfa grips.


The Nightscythe construction was well documented within the Night Jedi order.

The basic layout followed the below image, but many customisations were made by individual users.


Known UsersEdit

Jobie Wan Kenobi - Jobie's Nightscythe

Tanek Ara - Tanek's Tonfa-scythes

Ne'aol - Ne'aol's Nightscythe

Diaeta - Prototype, shown in construction section.

Eh'gnar'ki - Twin Nightscythes, unknown construction.

Rahmus Baktran - Standard Nightscythe

Pryce Fisto - Standard Nightscythe

Player's Guild RegualationsEdit

Conventionally, curved lightsaber blades are not allowed by the Player's Guild. However, the Nightscythe avoids this restriction on the basis that it contains a solid guide, much the way a lightwhip does. The Nightscythe functions exactly the same as a lightwhip with a fixed-shape solid guide rather than a flexible one.