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Tector-class Star Destroyer, Night Lord

The Night Lord was the name of a Tector-class Star Destroyer that served in the Famine Lord's personal fleet. It was given its particular name due in part to its crew, which consisted almost entirely of umbarans. The ship was constructed by Bilbringi Shipyards and later modified by Twin Suns Transport Services. It served in numerous conflicts beside the Covenant of Blood, often acting as support for the fleets flagship. Though older in design than the more commonly seen destroyers, the Night Lord was capable of holding its own against newer designs such as the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer.

Like the majority of the Famine Lord's fleet, the ship had a solid black paint scheme. Across its hull it was marked with both the emblem of the NOE and Dragus' personal insignia. As with all Tector models, the Night Lord did not possess a hangar bay. While unable to carry a starfighter complement or ground forces, it did possess a greater armour hardened hull, allowing it to withstand more damage than the average destroyer of its size category. In fact, the wedge shaped end was made of impervium alloy, allowing it to repel all but the most concentrated of blaster fire. Additionally the hardened end could be used for ramming enemy ships, a dangerous and rarely attempted manoeuvre even by the forces of the Sith Empire.

Commanding the Night Lord was Jerec Cretin, a dark acolyte of the Famine Lord and admiral of Bilbringi High Command. When the Covenant was deployed away from the rest of the fleet, Jerec assumed command over the rest of Dragus' forces, making him the second highest ranked individual among Famine's Fleet. Two thousand NOE stormtroopers were assigned to the warship to act as security. Occasionally went the impervium hardened end of the destroyer penetrated another vessel, the stormtroopers would be used in ship boarding action. Ordinarily though their duty consisted of ship security only, as a lack of a hangar bay meant that they could not be readily deployed.


  • 10 Octuple Barbette Turbolasers
  • 20 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries(3 barrel)
  • 20 Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries(3 barrel)
  • 20 Turbolaser Batteries(3 barrel)
  • 20 Ion Cannon Batteries(3 barrel)
  • +36 Turbolaser Cannons

Troop ComplementEdit

  • 2000 NOE Stormtroopers(not deployable)
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