Night Jedi Insignia

Night Jedi Insignia

The Night Jedi, as well as teaching their ways to Force-sensitive students, also operated a considerable military force for defensive purposes, and to help with their objectives of using their powers for the good of the Universe.


The Night Jedi military was divided into two main components, the fleet and the armies. There was no overall commander of the military, but any Patriarch could take command of any portion of the military at any time.

Fleet Command StructureEdit

Within the fleet, a naval rank structure operated.

  • Fleet Admiral - commanded the entire fleet
  • Captain - commanded a capital ship
  • Lieutenant - Standard grade officer responsible for bridge duties
  • Sergeant - Commanded any group of crewmen
  • Crewman - Base rank for all other duties; technicians, defence crews etc

Army Command StructureEdit

The Night Jedi Armies operated a similar system

  • General - Overall command of an army unit
  • Lieutenant - Commanded a group of troops or captained a vehicle
  • Sergeant - Leader of a squad
  • Enlisted man - standard rank for troops.

The Enlisted man rank applied to men of all trades; technicians, riflemen, snipers, heavy-weapons troops, gunners etc. However, some were hand-picked into the special forces, such as a Night Jedi Fire Team, which would operate it's own rankings.



Retired / DestroyedEdit

Endor Planetary DefenceEdit


Stationed at Endor, at the Endor Citadel and Endor Research Outpost. All currently unspecified number (research and totalling up not yet done)

  • Infantry
  • AT-OTs
  • Flash Speeders
  • AT-ATs
  • AT-RTs
  • Battle Droids
  • Technicians
  • AT-STs

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Night Jedi Military is a faction force, and under the current Natural Laws of the Universe, is comprised of several entities' allowances. Below are listed some of the specifics of where the units come from.

Jobie Wan Kenobi's FleetEdit

All of Jobie's fleet allowance are Night Jedi forces, and are described at User:Calmaen_vor_Lalimar/Fleet_Allowance.

Jobie Wan Kenobi's Ground ForcesEdit

All of Jobie's ground allowance are Night Jedi forces, and are described at User:Calmaen_vor_Lalimar/Ground_Forces.

Endor Planetary Defence Ground ForcesEdit

Incomplete...Allowance as follows

  • 20 - Supreme class vehicles-150m+
  • 300 - Heavy class vehicles-15m+
  • 600 - Medium class vehicles-10-15m
  • 1,000 - Light class veheicles-0-10m
    • 447 Basilisk war droids
  • 50 NPC Generals
  • 5 up to and including master-equivalent(less powerful than PC).
  • 45 Force Sensitive to Padawan level.
  • 1,000 - Commando Troops
    • 257 ARC troopers
  • 10,000 - Elite Troops
    • 3270 B2 droids
  • 50,000 - Standard Troops

Endor Planetary Defence Orbital Defence and Ground-to-Air allowanceEdit

Pryce Fisto's FleetEdit

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