Elite Shock Trooper

Elite Shock Trooper





A Night Jedi Fire Team was an elite unit used as honour guards by some high ranking Night Jedi.

Making a TeamEdit

They are chosen from a young age, many pre-teens. Only the best of the beat are are even chosen to begin training, and even then many, leave or are thrown out, or perish from the extreme conditioning. They receive training from the ten toughest Martial arts in the galaxy, including the same brutal training each elite Mando warrior receives. By the time they are in their early twenties, they have become some of the most effective and lethal honor guards of the Night Jedi.


Ranked as a Sergeant, he is the leader of the group. Armed with a Shotgun and an assault rifle, generally a DLT-20A, these soldiers are extremely efficient leaders.


Extremely fast and agile, these are some of the toughest women you'll ever find on the battlefield. Armed with Stealth Carbines and a sidearm, their preferred weapon is their deadly sharp combat blade.


All but emotionless, these guys can hit a fly over two miles away with their E-17d's, or gather information, or both at the same time while staying completely invisible thanks to a specialized cloaking device.


These soldiers are trained to take out heavy armor with their Mini Mags or lay down suppressive cover fire with their HMG.

101st Marine SquadEdit

There are four primary fire teams of the Night Jedi: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Lambda.

Alpha TeamEdit

Led by 'Irons' and is the primary fire
'Raven' is the EST second in command

Beta TeamEdit

Led by 'Blues'
'Wolf' is the EST second in command

Gamma TeamEdit

Led by 'Dr. Bob'
'Mantis' is the EST second in command

Lambda TeamEdit

Led by Captain Gordon F.
Lieutenant "Smiles" Alyx V. is the EST second in command
The heavy is Sergeant Major William J.
The Scout is Gunnery Sergeant Robert "Lee" S

Behind the masksEdit

Killzone 2 is where I got the troopers, however the four EST's are the beauties from MGS4.
Raging Raven is in Alpha
Crying Wolf is in Beta
Screaming Mantis is in Gamma
Laughing Octopus is in Lambda
Granted, those aren't the names of the EST's just their faces. Also, they may be efficient killers, they are not psychopaths like they are in the game, remember, this is just what they look like without their masks.

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