Night-terror was the name of a vibrosaw owned by Dragus, the Famine Lord. While on Tatooine performing recognizance for the Order of the Eye, Dragus and his faithful mechanical companion, Sigma-1, came across an occupied Sand Crawler. The duo proceeded to assault the armoured vehicle and subdue the Jawas that resided in it. After brainwashing the small rodent scavengers, Dragus searched the Crawler for resources. It was then that he came across the vibrosaw he would later refer to as Night-terror. The foresting tool was old but still in workable condition. Upon further examination, Dragus discovered the vibrosaw has phrik alloy teeth, making it capable of sheering through durasteel and metals of similar quality. Through flesh it would carve without resistance, tearing as much as slicing. It had a single grip handle that was spacious enough to be held with two hands if necessary. Due to the danger presented by electicity, the vibrosaw was equipped with a capacitor that would store electrical current. When the capacitor was activated, the tools ultrasonic generator would shut down, thus preventing the the hilt containing the energy cell from exploding.

Later ModificationsEdit

While aboard the Stor Station, Dragus removed Night-terror's phrik alloy chain blades and replaced them with crystalline manipulated ostrine teeth. This allowed the weapons multiple blades to inflict cold damage on almost anything they came into contact with. Additionally, the several sections of the side plating protecting the chain blades rotation mechanism were removed and replaced with vents. A miniature liquid carbonite dispenser was installed at the base of the hilt, which fed a series of hoses that ran along the vibrosaws interior. These hoses would periodically dispense carbonite gas through the vents in the side of the weapon, potentially carbon freezing anything the gas touched. The rotation of the chain blades cleared the vibrosaws interior of left over carbonite particles. Occasionally a large build up of carbonite residue would jam the rotation mechanism, requiring Dragus to give the weapon time to thaw.

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