Fleet of the NezumiEdit

Fighter WingEdit

Army of the NezumiEdit

  • Colonel Marrow Gnawer (Mutated Rat, Coruscant)
  • Captain Rath (Mutated Rat, Coruscant)
  • Captain Rain (Mutated Rat, Coruscant)
  • Captain Reaper (Mutated Rat, Coruscant)
  • Sub-Lieutenant Plague (Human, Coruscant)
  • Sub-Lieutenant Crypt (Human, Coruscant)
  • Sub-Lieutenant Decis (Zabrak, Coruscant)

Command DivisionEdit

Rodentia DivisionEdit

  • (90) Khornate Brass Scorpions
  • (90) Khornate Defiliers
  • (120) 8-Ball Gunships
  • (2,640) Bear Cub Light Mechs

Foot DivisionsEdit

These Divisions consisted of 10000 Rebels each, wearing Cyrus class Defensive Suits with Reaper Cloth Overlay

Other DivisonsEdit

These Divisions also consisted of 10000 Rebels each.

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