Technical SpecificationsEdit


The Nex-class Battlecruiser is designed for long range capital ship engagements or slugging matches. In battle the ship slowly spins to allow only 1 quarter of the weapons to be fired at once. This allows more rapid, steady firing and conservation of power. The weapons not being fired get time to cool off from their “faster than recommended” fire rate. This is especially true for the Mass driver rail guns which have an extended cool off and reload period after firing 2 shots. Each shell is a 3 ton monster travelling at 10% of the speed of light [30km/s]. The shields too “revolve” keeping the half of the ship facing the enemy the strongest protection with minimum on the other side to conserve power. If forced to engage the shields on all sides the overall protection is not good for a ship this size however it can bring all its weapons to bare with devastating consequences. It usually relies on the shifting shields and out-ranging ships to win the day. Droid starfighters can be housed, and launched from, within the arms but the ship is by no means a proper carrier lacking a proper sized hanger bay.

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