The New Infinite Empire (NIE) was formed by two Mandalorian mercenaries, Lord Plu and Lord Nexus, in 110 ABY after the dissolution of the Independent Sith Federation. The NIE was created in part to settle a feud over control of the planet Lehon, which the mercenary Plu was accused of stealing from an ally of Nexus'. With Lehon as their capital, and with the combination of their two small but growing private empires, things looked bright for the re-establishment of the Infinite Empire. In order to provide a balance of power, the empire's territories was divided between the Darithas (Emperors). They sought a third Daritha to create a triumvirate, but never found a man to their mutual liking.

Under Plu, the NIE ruled Eclipse (governed for the Mandalorian Empire), Prakith (governed for Zenchou Piteos) and the Maw and held partial control of Onderon and Dxun. Under Nexus, the NIE ruled Ithor and the Imperial Junkyard. The two Darithas split control of Lehon, their capital.

A struggle over power and differences in foreign policy soon drove the two men apart, eventually leading Nexus to withdraw from the Empire in 112 ABY, peacefully taking Ithor and the Imperial Junkyard with him. While they remained friends, united control of the Empire proved impractical. Nexus joined the Warriors of the Iron Fists while Plu carried on the banner of the NIE, expanding it to Empress Teta and Varonat.

After Nexus departed, Plu soon found himself drawn back to his Mandalorian heritage. Canderous Ordo's return to the Mando'ade had precipitated the end of the ISF, and Plu and Goran, both of Mandalorian background themselves, had allowed Onderon and Dxun to join the Mandalorian Empire with Canderous as governor. Plu also himself had long helped to govern Prakith and Eclipse for the Mandalorians. Plu found, upon investigation into his roots, that Clan Or'dinii had all but disappeared from the Mandalorian Empire (most had perished in the First Mandalorian Civil War, ending in 34 BBY). Plu worked hard to support the Mandalorians, and some NIE rules territories were added to the Mandalorian Empire. Eventually, in 116 ABY, Plu made the decision that the NIE would be reorganized into a revived Clan Or'dinii.

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