Nem Yin in his cloaker.

Nem's cloaker was a specially designed piece of skin tight clothing bioengineered by Domain Yin. Like most common cloakers it was a tight form fitting garment that connected to its wearer by inserting tiny cilia into the pores of the skin, making it more akin to a second layer flesh than an actual piece of clothing.

As with most cloakers its surface was a sleek deep black hue, worn like a body glove that offered maximum mobility. Though it lacked the defensive capabilities of vonduun skerr kyrric, it did offer the wearer protection from the elements and hostile environments. Its surface actually mimicked the temperature of its surroundings, making the Intendant wearing it invisible to thermal scans. Due to the nature of his work, Nem designed the cloaker to work in atmosphereless environments, allowing it to operate in space in conjunction with a lungworm in the same way a vacuum cloaker would.

One of the most notable features of the cloaker was concealed folds of skin that could be extended from the arms, sides, and legs of the suit by triggering the proper reflex. These folds were capable of being manipulated in the same capacity as a wingsuit , allowing Nem to glide through the air and slow his descent from elevated drops. Usually this was only done in conjunction with a parachute.

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