Early yearsEdit

Neil was born to Erik and Talvia Levits. They were descendants of a now nearly extinct Mandalorian clan. At the age of 11 Neil's parents died in a battle against some Echani militants and he went to go live with his grandfather. He was a Sith lord who had been in hiding for quite some time, but came out just in time to save Neil. He trained Neil in the dark ways and gave him the name Murideno Orhob. The key lesson of all Neil's training was the art of betrayal. He ended up using this against his grandfather when he killed him during a battle against a rival clan 5 years later. After he freed himself from his master he renamed himself he began his journey through the universe.

A Young SithEdit

Shortly after his betrayal Neil joined a growing group of Sith called the Xendor Alliance. Led by Lord Fortean and Lady Tanith the group grew in numbers and became a feared faction in the galaxy. After a year he was drawn away by another Sith and then betrayed. Obviously someone had been on the same path of betrayal as him but was much further along. After the ridicule he faced among the sith, he forced himself into hiding, a self-imposed exile.