Neela is a Rodian female. Her father was Grand Protector of Rodia, and her husband Vreegon is the current Grand Protector.

Life Edit

Neela was raised in the Mansion of the Grand Protector in Equator City. Her father Teezyk was a Grand Protector, so Neela learned many diplomatic skills. One of the maids had a son named Vreegon. Neela and Vreegon fell in love. Her father was infuriated and charged a dowry beyond what he could afford. So her true love left, promising to be back soon.

After three monthes, her father came in and announced that Vreegon had been killed. Neela refused to accept it, but as time went on and he did not return, she seemed to have no choice. Other suiters came, but she never really gave anyone a chance. Finally, her father selected one of his lieutenants to be her husband. Neela was heart-broken.

On the day before her wedding, Vreegon arrived on Rodia. Since she had two suiters, they settled it in the Rodian way, a duel. Teezyk tried to cheat by holding a friend of Vreegon's hostage, and letting Vreegon know if he won, the friend was dead. Another friend of Vreegon's, Shiar Throndec, sent droids in and freed the hostage. The plot was exposed and Teezyk was arrested.

She continued to work beside her husband in his rise to Grand Protector, and gave birth to four children. She and the children were taken hostage by Jark Hothar during the Freedom War.

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