Necromancer-Class Star CruiserEdit

Necromancer-Class Star Cruiser

Necromancer-Class Star Cruiser

The Necromancer-Class Star Cruiser is a medium vessel that's main purpose is to provide heavy support fire for larger and slower capitol ships. Well protected and well armed for its size, the Necromancer-Class Star Cruiser is able to provide long range missile support and can then accelerate and strike at the heart of the enemy fleet in strafing runs. The Necromancer-Class Star Cruiser features double the critical systems which are contained in segmented parts of the ship. This allows for the critical personnel to withdraw further into the heart of the vessel and still be able to operate albeit at a lower capacity, thus earning its namesake. Although the designs belong to DeathTech Industries; Pzobian Shipyards and Bilbringi Shipyards hold the rights to produce and sell the Necromancer-Class Star Cruiser.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Length: 800 Meters
  • Width: 300 Meters
  • Height: 100 Meters
  • Hull:Quaderium-steel-Durasteel (9095-T8511) with Condensed-matter composite coating.
  • Speed: 67.3 MGLT, 1,897 Km/h


  • [2] Double Barreled Turbolaser Batteries (1 Dorsal and 1 Ventral on the bow of the ship)
  • [7] Triple Barreled Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (2 Dorsal and 5 Ventral)
  • [2] Double Barreled Medium Turbolaser Batteries (1 Dorsal and 1 Ventral)
  • [2] Sextuplet barreled flak cannons (1 Dorsal 1 Ventral, mounted on the rear of the Medium Turbolaser Batteries)
  • [4] Single Barreled Light Turbolaser Batteries (2 Dorsal 2 Ventral)
  • [14] Concussion Missile Tubes (10 Missiles Each)
  • [14] Kochev Missile Pods (10 Missiles Each)


  • Cost: 200,000,000 credits


The plans to the Necromancer-Class Star Cruiser belong exclusively to DeathTech Industries but the vessels are produced at Pzobian Shipyards as well as Bilbringi Shipyards.

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