"There was a time, when history wrote itself, when Characters moved in the Universe like pieces on a chess board by themselves, seemingly without thought. They moved according to their own will's and motive's without aid from any outside influence. The Force was their only guide…"
Nazgul by KharBevNor
Ne’aol / Darth Absence
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c. 996 BBY

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Human (possibly hybrid)






180 lbs

Hair color
  • Silver/White
  • Jet Black
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  • Blue
  • Black
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  • Fall of the Republic
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • The Rebellion era
  • The New Republic era
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    • Chief Librarian
  • Galactic Republic
    • Knight of the Republic
    • High Jedi General
  • Galactic Empire
  • Rebel Alliance
  • New Republic
  • Night Jedi
    • Patriarch
    • Head Archivist
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Aalyna Berilen

Ne'aol(Nēō"l Hūn"ē'ä) is a character within the Jedi vs Sith Universe. He is the Head Archivist within the Night Jedi's Endor Citadel

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[8648-138: Begin Overwatch]


"The whole world wide, every day, fly Hugin and Munin..."
F midgardm b275365

Hugin and Munin

His weapons of choice are a pair of Dual phase, silver bladed Electrum and Cortosis Fiber-cord linked lightsabers. Each one has three focusing crystals: Ultima-Pearl, Durindfire crystal, and a shard of the Kaiburr crystal. The focusing lens was Dragite and a large Kasha crystal was embedded in each hilt.

He typically used Form V: Shien / Djem So (The Way of the Krayt Dragon, or The Perseverance Form) and Form III: Soresu (The Way of the Mynock, or The Resilience Form) of which he had perfectly mastered. He likes to practice using the difficult Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad.

"Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore.""

His other weapons include a DC-15A blaster rifle, with the scope and other various components of an E-17D sniper rifle and DC-15x sniper rifle among other tweaks to increase the range and dual black chromed Westar 34’s.

He also has a Saber Scythe, the details of its construction are classified, but the blade is widened because it is three blades molded into one. The blade itself is over six feet long and almost five inches wide, is red along the outer blade, silver along the mid blade, and black against the shroud. It curves from just above the top grip along the three foot excessively sharp curved cortosis alloy blade shroud. It has a weighted end (it contains the Power Supply) that may be used as a bludgeon if necessary. The blade shroud can easily cut an exposed arm or leg off. The hand grips also have a guards that mirrors the blade shroud, however, the grip guard, if you will, extends all the way down the five foot staff.

He has two other lightsabers made with a Thaissen crystal, so it changes colors depending on the user's or their opponent's Force affiliation, but the other details of which are known only to the Night Jedi.

"Quod sic Divum Supremus ut pluvia super in totus hostiles"
―And thus the Sky Above to rain upon on all enemies

His transport of choice is an Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor: black, with red accents. The stock weapons and navigation systems have been tweaked slightly and the tail section has been modified to hold various components. It has been retrofitted with a Sienar Fleet Systems ND9 hyperdrive motivator, replacement P-sz9.7 twin ion engines , a Chempat "Defender" deflector shield generator, Miradyne 4x-Phantom jammer, and an Energy bomblet generator. To complement the fighter, his astromech droid is a modified R9-series, R9-X8, which is black, with red accents.


Pre Universe HistoryEdit

Before His Time, His Greatest GrandfatherEdit

The Jun'iar family is an ancient clan that dates back before the Infinite Empire. They have always been known for their unnaturally long life spans. Due to slight genetic mutations and the clan's natural connection the Force, women can live for as long as 5,000 years and men exceeding 7,000 years.

Known to the later generations as “Our Greatest Grandfather” because of his wisdom, cunning, and extraordinary long life of over 25,000 years, Caldari Jun'air was born c. 50,000 BBY, he quickly began to gather the spread out clan and unite them to become a space faring race. Colonizing other worlds in the system, new technologies were developed to speed up transport between each planet and their orbiting satellites. Their advanced state drew the attention of the fast spreading Rakatan, whose made first contact did not surprise Caldari. He was well gifted in the ways of the, yet unknown, Force and was gifted with foresight and what is now called the mind trick. Using these abilities he was able to impress the Rakatan enough that these newcomers welcomed them to the galaxy and the two races exchanged technologies, one of which was the hyperdrive.

The Holy Grail of space travel, this new addition made the impossible possible. They quickly began to explore the galaxy and the many surrounding systems. When the Rakatan began to start their Infinite Empire, Caldari was again quick to act and through his actions, the Jun'iar family was allowed freedom during the entirety of the Empire. It was during this time that Caldari started the Caldari Corporation which started out as a transport and shipping business that transported materials, slaves and prisoners, and countless other goods throughout the galaxy, and even the Star Forge.

Caldari was the only human being to see the Star Forge from its construction to its completion. It was on his first visit to the Star Forge that he became aware of what he called “the Gift” that would be passed down through the generations to the first born. He knew not what this gift was, but he immediately became aware of the Force and its power.

In the waning years of the Empire, Caldari was again quick to act on his foresight. As war began to break out, he organized slave uprisings and rebellions whilst feeding almost all of the factions in the Civil War that was taking place. Then someone developed a powerful virus for use against the Rakatan, and Caldari saw that their power had disappeared, he knew that this disease would finish off the Empire. To aid the spread, tainted the deliveries he made to the Rakatan and in no time at all the Empire was gone.

Now the galaxy was in chaos, but yet again, Caldari acted. With the use of the newest hyperdrive technology thanks to the Corellians and Duros, the Caldari Corporation spurs the reconstruction of planets and governments, even aiding the Old Republic. When Coruscant became the capital of the Republic, Caldari was able to lay claims to a few city blocks near what is now 500 Republica. But time was running out for Caldari, and in a few months, his health declined and then one day, he disappeared in his office, his body vanishing to the spiritual plane.

Years later the Jedi order moved to Coruscant, however no one in the family is accepted into the newly formed Jedi Order mostly because of an unknown family trait known as Que'tek which successfully hid their force presence from Jedi and Sith, and as a result they always helped fuel the Sith in all of the wars that arise. Over the next few thousand years, the family mostly stays out of the wars that take place, but they supply anyone who pays up.

A New PowerEdit

c.1,000BBY / Caldari Corporation Headquarters, Galactic Center - Coruscant System
Coruscant Sector of the Core Worlds Region

Then shortly after the year 1,000 BBY Ne’aol is born into the family, and for a few hours he presented a strong force presence. Jedi, having just won the Battle of Ruusan sought more to fill their ranks and began to search of him. Three days he spent with his family when the Jedi approached them with their proposition. However, the Jedi were turned down and they returned empty handed. Yet one ambitious Knight, Varian Anarth, beseeched the council to allow him to kidnap Ne’aol and allow the Jedi to train him. Reluctantly they agreed and that night he took Ne’aol from his home is the Company tower.

Early YearsEdit

Ne'aol Youth

Ne'aol in his youth with his training saber

Unknowing of his true heritage, he trained for years as a youngling. He would often be found reading in the Jedi Archives and Library, often during class times. He would spend hours in its vast halls. All too often he would voice his opinion about how much more valuable and fun the Library and Archives were in comparison to his other classes. The other pupils found him odd and cast him from their group activities because of it. Nonetheless, it mattered not to him, this only freed him up to spend more time in his favorite places. Varian Anarth sought these opportunities to teach him personally.

Newfound LearningEdit

Then when he turned nine, he was taken under Varian’s wing as a Padawan learner. Having now been freed from the confines of the Jedi Temple halls alone, he begged his new master to allow him to travel to the great Library of the Republic and the Galactic Museum. The two would go to these places almost every week and he looked forward to each and every visit. Learning was the most important thing to him and his master saw this.

Early TrainingEdit

Varian trained him long and hard. They would do mock lightsaber battles in the training rooms daily and meditate for hours on end. It was here he discovered some of his greatest powers, these he kept to himself to use later in his life. At the age of fifteen his master sought to teach him how to use doppelgängers and the art of the Jedi Mind Trick. He would trick his student many times per day until one day the boy figured out how to accomplish the difficult task. He hid in the library, using his doppelganger to lure his master into the rotunda. With his rediscovered Qey’tek, he snuck up on his master and put him into a choke hold. Surprised that only after a few months of learning he had figured out the technique, his master decided it was time for him to build his sabers.

The Weapons of ChoiceEdit

(Part One)Edit

"From the formless void’s gaping maw, there springs an entity... "
― anon.

c.982BBY / Backwater Outpost, Tatooine - Tatoo System
Arkanis sector of the Outer Rim Territories

The first planet the two hit was Tatooine. The boy had decided early on he desired twin blades with a silver core. Through much research, he knew the main core should be the Druindfire. His master allowed him to roam freely in search for the gems. Cut loose he eagerly sought these precious stones. Yet in his search for information, he was constantly being turned down. Almost ready to give up, he walked into a local restaurant for something to drink. His countenance was downtrodden and the Besalisk who ran the place inquired as to why. After telling him the story, the Friendly creature said that he could help if a favor was completed in return. Knowing that this may be his only chance, the boy accepted eagerly. He was told about a cave only two miles north of the small star port where an object of great value may be found; receiving very few details other than this he went out in search of the object.

He walked to the spot there the Besalisk said the cave should be, but only dunes could be found. The boy, upset, searched in vain for an hour before sitting down in the sands, exhausted. As he sat he felt something unusual, sand, falling beneath him, as if it were sucking him down with it. His heart jumped, he began to get up when suddenly he fell through a hole into a large cavern. Here it was cool and quiet, but very dark. The only light in the cavern was provided by the hole he fell through. He got up and shook off, making sure nothing was broken and looked around him. The panic that had left him was now replaced with joy. The cavern walls were covered in Druindfire gems glowing faintly in the darkness. He grabbed a few of them for himself, and assuming that this is what the Besalisk wanted, grabbed a few for him as well. Yet now he needed to find a way out of this door-less room, and light was fading fast. As he looked around he saw a part of the wall that didn’t have any gems and when he touched it he noticed that it was sand. He stepped back and used a powerful force push. Lo and behold there was the desert, and he never thought he would be so happy to see it.

Upon returning to the restaurant he placed three of the gems on the counter and the Besalisk in return gave him a large meal, which the boy ate gratefully, recounting the events while he ate. Upon returning the shuttle he found that his master had fallen asleep, but upon awakening was overjoyed that the boy found what he desired.

(Part Two)Edit

"... an entity more primordial than the elements themselves, yet constantly coming into existence even as it is destroyed... "
― anon.

c.982BBY / Coral City, Dac - Calamari System
Calamari Sector of the Outer Rim Territories

Their next stop was Mon Calamari where his master told him of a pearl that could be made into a lightsaber crystal. The two were greeted heartily by Jaciar Ackbar, His master’s long time friend and chair holder on the Calamarian Council. After a good meal, the boy recounted all that had happened so far on his journey. Interested and more than happy to help, Jaciar actually handed the boy two Ultima-Pearls, no questions asked. This shocked both the boy and his master to the point of speechlessness. Laughing heartily the generous Calamarian explained that these were left to him by his great grandfather, and that he wished to give them freely to the aspiring Jedi. The boy was so entirely grateful, he even attempted to kiss Jaciar’s feet, but as he hit all fours, his master grabbed him by the collar as the Calamarian laughed heartily. His master had to drag him onto the shuttle by the collar as the grateful child could not keep from expressing his thanks.

(Part Three)Edit

".. It is the Child of Chaos, the Pathway to the Next... "
― anon.

c.982BBY / Outskirts of a Tribal Village, Mimban - Circarpous Major System
Expansion Region

Their last stop was Mimban, or Circarpous V. The Padewan was in search of a legendary crystal spoke of in 3000 year old texts he found in the Library of the Republic. He never knew the name, as none of the texts could name it. But as they listened to the stories of what the locals called the Kaiburr stone that glowed in a temple not too far from where they were. The boy insisted that this is what he sought, but his master considered the locals as telling a long and well thought out tall tale and told his padewan that he would be on a wild nerf chase.

Agitated that his master saw his quest as foolish, he gather a general direction in which to go. The locals gave him two Thaissen crystals in which to find the fabled crystal, if it indeed existed. After hours of walking he stumbled onto the entrance of the fabled temple. He knew that at this point he wouldn’t need the Thaissen crystals and with adrenaline pumping through his veins he force ran up the steps of the volcanic ziggurat and through the door. He stopped as soon as his heart did. There in front of him was the statue of Pomojema with his prize embedded within. He walked up to it, more nervous than he had ever been. He touched the crystal and suddenly felt a massive power rush, he felt better than he had ever felt. Understanding that this was his only chance to feel such power he used this immense connection to the force to take the Druindfire gems, Ultima pearls, and Thaissen crystals; and use his newly found force power to form perfect lightsaber crystals, following each facet perfectly through the force. He knew that he could use the Thaissen crystals to make his master believe that he was unsuccessful in his search.

After almost eight hours of forming he had six perfect saber crystals, and now he turned his attention the Kaiburr crystal itself. He used his force power to pull two shards directly off of the main crystal. He had accidentally pulled two identical perfect shards off and he proceeded, albeit quite reluctantly, to return the Kaiburr crystal where he had found it. He knew he was leaving behind one of the greatest finds in Jedi history, but nonetheless he ran back for the village where the shuttle was, planning his unhappy tale to tell his master when he got back.

(Part Four)Edit

"The darkness shall swallow the land, and in its wake there will follow a storm, as the appetite of nothing expands over the world. "
― anon.

c.982BBY / En-Route to Ilum - Hyperspace
[Leaving Scanner Range]
Crystal Caves

The Crstal Caves

With an I-told-you-so attitude, his master rebuked him for his foolishness as they ascended through the atmosphere. However, the boy was assured that all would be alright, their next stop would be their last in the long journey.

Ilum, a cold world indeed, yet the padewan knew that this would be the most important event in his life. The shuttle came to rest in front of the Temple and the boy proceeded inside alone, carrying only a few supplies to construct his saber with. He was told that he must survive for the next forty days alone, at that point his master would return and he could finish his training. He looked back to see that the shuttle had already taken off; he was now the only human being on the planet. For him, this was an extremely humbling moment. Without a second thought he proceeded further inside the caverns. After about a week, the boy had begun his meditations and slowly, piece by piece, he formed his lightsaber through the force alone. Every part floated around him as he knelt on the floor in deep meditation. He began by taking the emitter matrix and modifying it to meet his needs. He took two Dragnite crystals and built the lens assembly around it. He then fused the two parts together and attached them to the power conduit he had modified and attached them to the power cell. He took two pure cortosis tubes and formed them to his hands before applying them to the core. Not once did he touch any of the parts, the force was his only guide. But with the little touches finished, he reached for the sabers and held them tightly. Another week passed and he focused solely on tweaking the sabers, slowly perfecting them and learning about them. Still he knelt there holding the sabers in front of him. As he felt the force flow through the sabers, he would occasionally come across minor flaws and he would tweak it until it reached perfection. Two weeks into his lonely stay, and suddenly he could no longer find any flaws in his sabers. He was complete. Now he awaited anything that would come next with eager anticipation.

The TrialsEdit

c.982BBY / Crystal Caves, Ilum - Ilum System
[Outside Scanner Range]

The Trial of the FleshEdit

He had spent three weeks in the crystal caves, surviving on moss and small creatures that bounded about. Exploring about he found many interesting formations in the cavers that branched out into the mountain, but the knowledge that he was the only human for light-years sobered him. It wasn’t long before loneliness began to take hold in his mind and he began to see things. More than once he thought he saw shadows running through the caverns. He would chase them in circles until the sheer cold of the main hall woke him into reality. This happened for two days before he recognized what was going on, and when he did he light heartedly chastised himself and began to meditate to take his mind off of the solitude. For the next few days he trained his combat skills, and by the fourth week, he found himself not as alone as he thought.

The Trial of CourageEdit

Sometime after his fourth week, he was meditating in the main hall to keep his mind off of the cold when a blood curdling howl came from the front entrance. A chill ran down his spine as he turned around to face the beast that now stood before him. The blue-black gorgodon stood almost eight feet over the young Jedi and long silver streak ran along his back from nose tip to tail. Looking the boy in the eye the monster landed on all fours, now eye level with the boy, and raised his tail. The young Jedi stood there defiant, even as the beast opened his mouth and gave one final ferocious roar, spattering the boy in spit. In a split second the creature spun around and struck the boy in the side, sending him flying fifty feet into the wall. He got up in time to dodge a swipe from the sharpened claws, and with immense speed he flew up a ramp that led to the next level, followed close by the beast. He reached the second level landing and threw a force push at the creature, but greatly underestimated the mass as the beast never even budged and head butted the boy into the air.

Seeing this as an opportunity to gain the advantage of height, he landed on the third level of the main hall. As the creature ran up the ramp, the boy began to pull boulders from the ceiling down onto the creature. The beast dodged left and right, and just as he reached the third landing, the young Jedi dropped a large boulder right on top of the beast, completely engulfing it. Thinking he had bested the invader, he began to walk over to the boulder. Just as he reached it the boulder exploded and he was thrown across the landing as the beast thundered over to him. Acting quickly he shattered the floor of the landing before him and the creature fell in a shower of rock, crystal, and ice. But the creature roared as it jumped back onto the landing, nearly crushing the boy who had rolled out of the way just in time. He was done playing games, and he pulled his lightsabers into his open hands and turned them on for the first time.

The Trial of SkillEdit

The warmth in his hands, the rush of power, they purred in their sheer contentment. He could feel a joy that their existence shared with him that he had felt nowhere else, and it emanated from Hugin and Munin. He knew not where the name came from, it was if it had always been there, as if that had always been and would always be their name. Were they his lightsabers, or was he theirs?

He blinked back into reality a moment too late, the gorgodon swung and his massive claws tore cloth and flesh. The Jedi howled in pain and the beast head butted him into the ceiling of the fourth landing. He shut out the pain in his mind as he adjusted himself and pushed off with all of his might from the ceiling. In a powerful force push, the creature fell flat against the third floor landing as it began to fracture and crumble. The boy landed hard on the beast’s back and they both fell through the remains of the floor. In just a few moments the two crashed through the second floor landing and stopped on the main hall floor. The beast roared and flipped over, his massive claw nearly missing the boy as he jumped off of the beast’s back. It struggled to get back up but the boy reacted seemingly out of a separate mind, as if someone else was directing his actions and he was just a puppet in the scheme of a play. Crying out, he gripped the creature by the neck through the force and picked it up. Running with both sabers in hand he plunged them deep into the gorgodon’s heart, then pulling them out he threw the creature to the floor and he jumped on its back again and severed its spinal cord. He returned to himself and the pain began to overtake his body.

He made his way over to the medical kit and began to dress his wounds and ponder the encounter. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. When he had tended to his wounds he went back the the body as it grew cold on the floor and he field dressed it and cleaned the hide and meat. That night he warmed himself in a heavy coat around a fire he made to cook himself a meal, albeit the meat was tough, it was the best meal he had eaten in over four weeks.

The Trial of the SpiritEdit

That night as he meditated by the remains of the fire using the force to burn the coals into nothingness he thought that heard the wind call out to him. He pushed the absurd idea aside but again he heard his name called out. He got up to investigate, looking around, and saw the strange shadows once again, but it seemed as though they were staring right through him. He thought he heard the sound of laughter, children's laughter, and the thought of just hearing such a thing in the wind sent chills up his spine. The two shadows moved slowly through one of the side caverns and into darkness he followed.

It was pitch black and barely wide enough for him to move. He fought the urge to use his sabers to light the way, but as he focused he thought he could feel the shadows as they showed him the way. Again he shoved this strange thought of being able to feel something that surely didn’t exist. But more and more he felt more and more attached to these shadows in the darkness. Suddenly they stopped and so did he. Faint lights began to curl all over the walls around him in plant like ways. This had to be a dream because they were moving, almost as if they were telling a story, then his vision flashed and he suddenly found himself on a strange planet walking along the ocean shore. Before whim stood two dark robed humanoid creatures. Seconds seemed like minutes as he tried to figure them out then one of them lifted an arm the turned out to be a black wing. The other shifted its head and a long black beak revealed itself for a moment before disappearing under the shadow of the black hood.

He began to inquire their names but no response would come to him. In an act that caught him off guard they loudly exploded into black smoke and he found himself alone on the beach and the waves crashed at his feet. The salt was thick in the air and it was soon growing dark. Up ahead he saw a cave and headed for it, upon entering it he saw a fire, but no one was there. Heading over to it he could feel its warmth and beside it was a meal. Curious the saw that it was fine to eat and he devoured it. As the cold night drew on he soon found himself weary and alone, more so than he did before.

He awoke to find himself in his makeshift inside the caverns of Ilum once again. He suddenly realized that he was warm and saw a fire burning in the pit. He could still feel the shadows watching him from somewhere, but he lay down once again and went to sleep.

Left for DeadEdit

[Date Unknown] / Crystal Caves, Ilum - Ilum System
[Outside Scanner Range]

Days passed into weeks and time became nearly nonexistent to the padewan. He felt as if he had gone through the trials and that his knighting ceremony would soon take place, but as time passed he soon felt as if he had been forgotten. And the thought of his master crashing on the other side of the planet, with no one to know where they were flashed through his mind. Now the aspect of possibly being the only sentient creature in the entire region haunted him. It could be centuries or even millennia before a ship passed through the system.

Days upon days had passed and he had been on many hunting trips into the mountains as weather allowed. It seemed to always be a blizzard outside, but when it calmed down he went out and actively sought out food, without it he knew he would surely starve.

Good News and Bad NewsEdit

[Synchronization in Progress...]
[Re-entering Scanner Range]

He had lost track of everything except survival. He had survived on his own for weeks on end and he hadn't given up hope of rescue, but he no longer pondered on it.

It was another night of meditation when he thought he could feel something out of the ordinary in the system. Could it, no it wasn't, it is! A real human! He pressed his mind outward as hard as he could when he found them responding the his touch. He was overjoyed at the thought of rescue, and then he was filled with dread at eh thought. Pirates. Sith-spit, what if they were pirates? He sensed the ship landing just a few hundred yards fro the cave entrance and felt two beings walk out. He hid himself in the shadows of the entrance and when the saw them walk in he pounced. He grabbed one from behind and lit his saber against his captive's neck while facing the accomplice. It was then that he realized head-tails getting in the way of a firmer grip were those of his former Twi'lek instructor and that the man he faces was the current Jedi Grand Master. He instantly released his grip and spoke a thousand apologies, all while tying to explain himself.

They sat around the ever-burning fire as he explained why he was where he was and all that had happened to him. The masters listened and grinned, and he seemed to know why but he didn't show it. Curious as to why they were in this forgotten system, they told him that they were looking for this exact system of caves. They explained that the lights he saw were probably from the crystals embedded in the walls and that’s why they were in the system.

He gathered the few belongings he had and they walked to the ship. As it took off he asked about his master, and the two looked at each other and said that he hadn't been seen since before the trip. Sadness filled the padewan's heart at the loss of his master, but knew he would one day see him again.


"You, my son have completed your path. Now rise, my brother, a Knight of the Republic."
― The Jedi Grand master to Ne'aol

980BBY / The Hall of Knighthood, Coruscant - Coruscant System
Coruscant Sector of the Core Worlds Region

The doors parted and he stepped into the dark room, no light would be his guide as he entered, only his spirit being led by the Force. He heard the door close behind him and he felt the power of those around him. Suddenly the room was filled with brilliant blue and green light, humming bars all around him. He was ordered to Kneel, as a robed figure glided toward him. On to both knees he slipped as the figure stopped before him. Time took an eternity to pass before the Jedi before him spoke, and the words that followed made him hold his breath. What was said was more valuable than an ocean of gold, and sweeter than the sweetest honey, then the hum of the blue blade by his ear brought him back to the moment and the braid that he bore was stripped from him. He rose among fellow Jedi, comrades and colleges he could now call brothers and sisters.

Wayward TravelerEdit

Traveling throughout the galaxy

A New PadewanEdit

"Those who have power should restrain themselves form using it"
―Kit Fisto

962BBY / En-Route (Unknown Destination), unknown trade ship – Hyperspace
[Outside Scanner Range]

It had been a long month. He had traveled through dozens of different systems by stowing away on different ships before he finally found the ship he had been looking for docked on some backwater planet. A few times he was nearly caught, but he was able to slip into the shadows and stay undetected.

The strange city was full of smugglers, each attempting to yell over one another to sell their goods. Drugs, spice, weapons, slaves, nothing was excluded in the market mess. He slipped into a local cantina where he sat down to get a drink. It was his luck that his target was on the other side of the bar, drunk and chatting it up with his buddies, laughing louder than them all. He began to listen in on his conversations, but none of it pertained to the mission he was given, he was so focused on eaves dropping it wasn't until the bartender shook him to ask whether he wanted another drink that he snapped to. He lost focus again when the man had disappeared out the door, paying the bartender he followed the drunk man out onto the busy streets.

He followed him all the way to a docks where the man boarded a small frigate sized ship. It was barely keeping itself together, parts were jerry-rigged onto the hull along with pieces of armor plating and antennas. It looked more like a scrap heap with engines, and he wasn't even sure this was what he was looking for. He headed forward, but stopped when two guards stepped out of the ship. He watched them as they began smoking and laughing at some stupid joke, they began to walk around the ship and they took a seat in the shade and began to play cards as they smoked and laughed. Seeing his opportunity he ran aboard the scrap heap.

Inside seemed much larger than the outside. It was dimly lit in orange lights, and the hum of the reactor resonated through the ship. But other than the noise, it seemed like a completely different vessel. He made his way around to the flight deck where the co-pilot, navigators, and flight engineers were going over checklists and commenting on how drunk the captain was, laughing at him as if this was a regular offense. This new information he stored in his datapad, his target was the captain of the ship, and the drunk captain of the ship was one of the high ranking members of the Black Sun. He smiled as he snuck back down the corridor where he heard snoring, intrigued, he eased open the door and there slept the drunk captain. He grinned even bigger when he pulled out secret documents regarding smuggling routes, shipping information, names of high ranking leaders in the Black Sun, all conveniently placed in unlocked drawers. It all seemed too easy, as if it was being given to him, but he placed the documents back in their place after copying their contents with a hand held scanner and a camera, and walked back out into the corridor to find a place to hide.

He awoke when the ship shuddered and began to accelerate. He felt safe since the ships crew logs only listed the flight deck crew, so he slept in a supply closet near the engine room. He scrolled through the shipping logs just out of curiosity. Spice. Some illegal drugs. Slaves. Typical. But now that he had looked at the logs, curiosity and compassion started to overtake his mind. He sighed as he slipped out of the closet and headed below deck.

He looked around, and beings from many different races wandered about, un-tethered, the chatter of a dozen languages overwhelmed the sounds of the ship. Everything stopped when he reached the last step, once again the ship was the only sound he heard as more than a hundred eyes pierced him. Everyone began to slowly continue their activities, but at a more cautious pace and much quieter. After a long pause he continued through the small crowd.

He slumped against the wall as he looked out over the crowd, slowly sliding to the floor. He was distraught over these poor souls who had no hope. He jumped when something tugged at his cloak and immediately pulled away and looked at the source. He calmed down when he saw an infant Twi'leek reaching up to him. He reached out to pick up the baby when her mother snatched her and held the baby against her chest, horror across her face. He tried to explain himself, but it seemed as though she wasn't understanding him. He stumbled through the limited amount of Ryl he knew, and as she eased up on her child, he assumed he was getting through to her. Another Twi'leek woman walked by and sat down beside the mother, she introduced herself as Talla'orr Berilen, and her sister Nikki'orr, in basic, and he in turn explained who he was and that he was a Jedi Knight. Hopelessness returned to Nikki as Talla translated him for, and he finally asked of their stories. Talla began to explain their predicament when Nikki interrupted her.

Talla translated: apparently they were miners back on their home world. But when her daughter was born, a huge commotion was stirred up. She pulled back the cloth covering the child's face and he saw that she was a Lethan. She further explained that one day she and her sister were taking care of the baby when slavers smashed through he door and abducted them, and within just a few months, they had been sold to some rich shipper on Coruscant. The three of them became silent for quite some time, when he asked if there was any chance of him being able to free any of the slaves. Talla explained that they all had chips implanted in their heads that were tied to the collars around their necks, she pointed to the large silver ring she bore. She said that if they left the room they were in, or the ring was detached without a key, they would die. He wondered where the key was and she said that their owner s had them.

He pondered some more and then inquired about the infant. Talla said that she hadn't received the implant, nor the collar, then the sisters looked at each other and argued a bit, then they both fell silent. Confused, he asked again and Talla said angrily that Nikki would be severely beaten by their new master should the baby come up missing. Nikki began to speak as she struggled through basic, mixed with Ryl, that she wanted a hope for her child, and that she would die to give her that hope. Talla shouted at her in their native tongue, but Nikki just sat there as a tear streamed down her cheek.

Talla became silent once again as Nikki spoke to Him, looking him square in the eye. She handed him her child as she whispered a good bye to her baby Aalyna. He took her and gently stroked the child's cheek, a faint force energy emanating from within her. Perhaps she did have a hope. He looked up and saw that the sisters had disappeared into the crowd, he began to look for them, but stopped when the ship began to decelerate. He knew that he had little time to get back into hiding, and he rushed up the stairs and back into the supply closet. Little Aalyna yawned and fell asleep as he eased the door shut.


[+]Editors Note: So at this point I couldn't go about writing the story in the same way I had been. Lack of Imagination I guess. But I figured I'd give narration a shot. If I like it enough, I'll probably make it like he is telling the story to whoever from Dex's Diner on a rainy day while drinking a coffee or something. So here is my shot at narration: Ne'aol 04:23, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

949BBY / Jedi Temple, Galactic City - Coruscant System
Coruscant Sector of the Core Worlds Region

I was walking from the library to my room. I had been studying up on my upcoming task, whatever that was I don't remember. Anyway I heard a commotion and a young boy came skidding around the corner, he never saw me, his back was to me as he sprinted into a storage closet. I was curious you see, so I began to head that way. Then Aalyna appeared out of nowhere, skidding around the same corner, and ran to the supply closet, paused, and then dove inside. I heard a couple crashes inside before the boy ran out of the room, nearly tripping over his own feed. She skidded out and grabbed for his collar, but missed, so with a powerful force push, she sent the boy's legs out from under him. He landed hard on his back, knocked the wind right out of him. What was worse though is that he hadn't even landed before she had him by the collar with one hand and the other pulled back ready to pummel him.

She growled “Gimme back my locket!”and when he refused I knew it was time to intervene. Her arm came back a little farther “Now!” I told him “I'd do as she says. She seems serious.” She looked at me and then looked back at him with a smirk. I had every intention of letting her teach him a lesson should his stubbornness go too far. Alas he conceded her locket back to her. She let him go and he took off down the hallway, probably to cry to some master or someone who cared. It didn't bother me, heck we went to have lunch somewhere.

“Thanks.” She beamed as she looked up at me. I grinned back, “Just don't go around beating up your fellow classmates, ok?” “Fine” I could hear the slight laughter in her sarcastic exasperation as she looked ahead.

We took a shuttle to a small diner, best dang bantha burgers in the sector. We gave our orders to the protocol waitress and Aalyna stared out the window. She was Thirteen, Fourteen soon. The council was cautious about her further training, they said that she wasn't as strong as the others, I knew better. “Who was your master?” She asked timidly as she watched the air speeders fly by the window. “Varian Anarth.” It was a name he hadn't spoken is quite some time. “Why haven't I ever met him?” She questioned further. “He disappeared during my trials. No one has seen him since.” “So he was unable to grant you your knighthood?” I shook my head. “Why do you ask?” She stared out the window in silence. Our food arrived and the conversation took on a lighter tone as we talked about current events in the council and in the republic.

It was late afternoon and she had returned to her classes. I was in the library reading about the history of the spice guild of the northern outer rim when I was approached by High Councilman Roth. Average height, dark skinned, and a gaunt face. His night black goatee and dreads set him aside more than anything, but the real feature that defined him was his milky gray eyes. “High-Councilman Roth” I bowed my head in a nod and he returned the gesture. His hands were hidden in the folds of his robes. They looked like they were made of a multitude of brown and gray rags and make him look bigger than he actually was, like a woolly mammoth of legend. “Come, the council wishes to see you, and I wish to speak with you.” I followed his lead out of the library and into the center atrium. “It has come to the council's attention that a young Twi'lek girl, one Aalyna Berilen I do believe, is coming to the point were she will need new training.” I looked at him cautiously at his cool, smooth tone. I had asked before, but they said she would be better suited for the med-corp, a point I had argued against many times. “Strong, she is, yes, but a flaw has been observed in her by some of the council members.” Flaw? Maybe an overreaction here and... “She isn't as skilled as her fellow classmates. Her connection to the force isn't as tuned as the others and she tends to over think things. Also she attacked one of her classmates this morning as I am SURE you are aware of.” That came out a little thickly... “Many of the Council members agree that she would be better suited for the med...” “No.” I cut him off and we stopped in the hall leading to the elevators that rose to the council chambers. “I'm sorry?” He gave me a puzzled look. “Even you have to see that her slight overreaction to events will keep her out of the med-corp. She will be thrown to some dinky little no name research team on some forgotten derelict in some who-gives-a-damn part of the galaxy.” I started to get a little hot under the collar so I took two sharp breaths and instantly calmed down. “Forgive me.” A slight gesture from his hand told me to forget about it “but she deserves better than the ner-do-wells of the Jedi. Again, Ill train her.” Something I had said many times without anyone hearing my voice.

He walked toward the elevators and I followed him in silence. The ride to the top seemed like it took years, and the silence told me that I was going to receive rebuke for my out lash toward the high councilman. The doors parted and we walked toward the council room. The sky was growing a deep orange as the sun shone against the overhead cloud cover. He slowed and gestured toward the door. I took a step and the doors parted. The entire council was standing in front of their seats and there stood Aalyna, beaming, almost unable to contain her excitement. A puzzled look came across my face and she laughed “Good evening... Master.”

A New SaberEdit

c.944BBY / En-Route to Ilum - Hyperspace
[Leaving Scanner Range]

Faster that light travel always had an odd sense of speed and stillness. The shuttle we borrowed from the temple was nice and roomy, leaving enough room for us and twelve others if needed. But it was just us, I had held off on her getting her own blades as I did. She had always had a generic green apprentices saber, but at seventeen and almost a knight, she needed her own weapons. I looked over to her, I had told her to rest while she could, the next weeks would be busy.

It was odd when Master and apprentice looked the same age. I couldn't believe that she had grown up so, she was like a daughter to me, a moment of sad-happiness and it passed. However she was beautiful, but she masked it in modesty, an odd choice for a Twi'lek, but her own nonetheless. She often said “I don't want to look like a slave girl like all the others of my kind. I'm not a slave.”

A soft alarm went off and I nudged he on the shoulder, “We're here.” “So this is where you made your sabers...” She said through a yawn and a stretch. I nodded “This isn't where I got my crystals, but it is where I made the blades.” “Why don't you tell me where you got your crystals?” She asked me that a lot. A lot of people do. But I just smiled and shook my head as the shuttle descended through the upper atmosphere of the frozen planet.

The air was clear thankfully, only covered by a thick layer of dark overcast clouds and a slight, gentle powder of snow. As we leveled out a few thousand meters over the surface, it was only a minute or so before the cave complex came into view. Right where I remembered it. “Cool” she whispered under her breath. I pulled the shuttle around and eased it into the main entrance so that we faced outward, just in case we had to amscrate the premises.

We both wrapped up in our heavy Jedi winter coats and walked down the walk ramp in the back of the craft. It seems smaller than I remembered but as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see that it was in fact, almost exactly how I left it. The crater farther in still had burn marks from the mysterious fire with ever burning wood. So much for ever burning I guess. We continued on into the system of caves and passageways, I say because she was curious, so was I. I wanted to see if it was how I remembered.

We set up our beds on board the shuttle. Camping is fun, but its more fun when your comfortable. We had spent the entire afternoon caving, one day of fun for a two week training session. But I wanted her to get used to the area she would be in, and I wanted to scout it out for and danger beyond what she could handle. I think she knew that, but masked it under enjoyment. If she had indeed learned from me thats what she did. “Tomorrow, I will show you how to make your blades.” She smiled before killing the lights to the cabin.

She was shoving me “Wake up Master! C'mon wake up!” It wasn't time to get up, but I rolled over to see that she must have been for quite some time. “Ready to go I see” I said through a yawn. The feathered edges of he down coat obscured her face, which was covered by goggles and a scarf. “But why are you all dressed up like that?” I murmured “Blizzard!” And indeed it was, now I could hear it.”And I saw something yesterday I want to go check out.” She hit the door controls “No! Wait!” “Why?” “Its cold outside!” “INCINTIVE!” She yelled back and she disappeared into the caverns. Course I had to get up and fight the cold that was pouring into the ship to hit the door controls. It was cold. And I didn't want to fight it yet. “Meh...”

She smiled and laughed “I did it!” The held out two saber bodies. The were hers, fitted to her hands and her style. Empty, sure, but the next part was as simple as putting in the major components. She looked around the massive amphitheater buried in the caverns we were sitting in. The ceiling was over a hundred meters high and it was almost two hundred meters around. The crystals embedded in the walls glowed a slight blue green and the shimmer of the lake we sat beside cast odd shadows back. Satisfied with her work she pulled out a small bag and began assembling the major components of the sabers “So can I pick any crystal off of the wall?” I held out a tiny black leather satchel between my thumb and forefinger. She gave me a strange look, but I just rattled it. “What is it?” I motioned for her to take it and she did. Opening it she dropped the contents into her hand. Her eyes lit up. “These are twin dragnite crystals. They came from the same crystal back on Tatooine. I was going to use them in a new pair of sabers, but...” “Can I?” “They're yours.” “And they're already cut?” I nodded “I had help” I wasn't going to mention the Kaiburr to anyone. She put the crystals in place and finished assembling the sabers. She looked up, her face glowed. I smiled back and nodded, and she began to meditate. I stood up to leave and she asked without looking at me, “when will you be back?” “I'm not leaving.” I was, but I wasn't going far. I was done and she would return when she knew she was ready.

I crawled into the shuttle and closed the door. Now I knew why my master had slept so much: raising an apprentice was exhausting work, and my apprentice was a teenage girl! I didn't get a chance to think about crawling out of my Jedi robes, I just hit the bed and fell asleep.

Trials of the LearnerEdit

c.944BBY / Crystal Caves, Ilum - Ilum System
[Outside Scanner Range]

His student's trials

A New Knight, and New MasterEdit


Aalyna Berilen

943BBY / The Hall of Knighthood, Coruscant - Coruscant System
Coruscant Sector of the Core Worlds Region

A Darkened KnightEdit

940BBY / Jedi Temple medical facilities - Coruscant System
Coruscant Sector of the Core Worlds Region

It had been a rough week, The mission I had been sent on backfired, those wookies are quite ready for us to make contact, and the spear that had been plucked out of my back was proof enough of that. IT rally wasnt an official mission, just a little something I rand by the council and got approved. As a Jedi Master I had a few more freedoms, and I was doing anything I could to get a seat on the council.

I patted my newly bandaged shoulder, it stung a little but I was going to be good as new. I was almost sixty and yet I still felt eighteen. I never could get an answer as to why, so I didnt really have a clue. I walked out and into the hallway where I was passed by dozens of younglings running for their next class. I suddenly realized I was hungry for a bantha burger, and the hangars were only a little ways down. I had turned to head that way when a familiar voice came from behind me “I want a burger too.” I smiled, it felt like it was going to rip my face in half. Turning to meet my stalker “Shall we?”

“You know I found my mother.” She said smiling. In the three years since we had last seen each other, she had continued to become more beautiful. The smile suited her, anything else seemed out of place. I gave her a strange look and she started “It was an accident I swear! And its nothing bad. The council thinks its fine. You know the man who bought her immediately set her and my aunt free? Gave them legitimate jobs in his company!” I took a bite and nodded? “Thats neat...” I said after I had swallowed, and she interrupted me “You dont understand. My mother and aunt are secretaries for one of the most powerful men in the galaxy! Have you ever heard of the Caldari Corporation? Si'las Ju'iar?” I had to think back as I recognized the names, I nodded “Yeah they were names on the paperwork I grabbed when you were given into my care.” She nodded “You wont believe it, the office is beautiful. And Sir Jun'iar, thats what everyone called him, a very handsome man, extremely intelligent, and incredibly kind.” “You dont have a crush on him do you?” I could see her blush, even through her lethan skin. “Of course not!” She snapped and we both laughed. She slid two envelopes to me. He told me to give these to you. He gave me one, so Im sure one of those is the same as mine, but Im not sure what it is.” I opened the one, it was a ticket to the Mon Calamari Opera that was playing in two weeks. “He gave these to me, said that he and his wife would be unable to attend due to some other plans on Alderaan. Mentioned something about family plans... Either way, you and I have the best seats in the house!!” She was incredibly excited and it surprised me and I laughed “Okay okay!” I said after a quick drink and then I thought “Sounds like fun” I smiled. “Whats in the other?” came the child like curiosity and I thought the same thing. Opening it there was a business card and she took it out of my hands and started reading it, mostly mumbling before she suddenly stopped. “What?” I asked “The card... I has YOUR name on it!” “Why would it have my name on it?” And I saw something hand written on the back. “How would I know?” She said shrugging and I flipped over the card and we both looked at a set of seventeen numbers. She laughed “and the mystery grows.” It most certainly does....

Brother Against Brother, A Life TakenEdit

With a flick of my wrist, her chair was instantly thrown against the door followed closely by mine. Flicked my wrist back and the red bladed saber flew into my hand as I Force ran and jumped at the assailant. We connected so hard that the framed pictures fell off the wall. The red glowing at his neck and my palm smashed into his face, he had the audacity to laugh, to LAUGH! I slammed the blade into his right shoulder and drew one of my own to replace the red one at his neck. I heard him cry out in pain, and yet he continued to laugh. The smell of burnt flesh and bone would have made me nauseated if it weren't for the fact I was acting on pure survival and anger. The tattoos on his face made him unrecognizable to me, but the laugh. He said hoarsely “you don't remember me? Here, let me help you.”

Suddenly I was flooded with memories. He was my master “But you died” more memories of what he had done after he left me to die. He had sought out the remaining Sith, trained under them, killed the master assigned to him. More memories flooded me, they weren't just his memories and training, but those of his Jedi and Sith Masters, and their masters, and their masters. I felt as if I was going to drown in a sea of thoughts, memories and abilities of a hundred lifetimes, but something inside me began to sort out and the assault. With my mind clearing I could now sense him trying to force himself into my mind. I fought back and began to tear the acquired knowledge and training he knew. His face became that of terror, I probably wasn't going according to his plan. I became aware of over two thousand years of combined knowledge locked away inside him. He probably didn't know all of this was there, but in an instant I lived it all. No, he had shock written all over his face, he hadn't a clue to the wealth he had within him. No matter, at this point the only thing he had left in him was his consciousness.

With a gentle force push on his face, a perfect one meter hole blew out in the walls between my hand and the dark Coruscant night. “Good bye master.” The last thing that went through his mind was his face on its way through the back of his skull. In the blink of an eye, and a massive Force Push, I had forced his entire body out the hole and into the night sky beyond. His remains would never be found. Vaporized remains are rather difficult to re-assemble.


His saber lay dormant on the floor and I picked it up and stared at it. It was his old saber, but at it's heart it was another's. I walked over to Aalyna and knelt by her side, she smiled at me and I tried to force one back. “Please” she whispered “take my blades...” “I...” I couldnt hold the tears back. “They're yours. I know you... will take care of them...” she said between gasps. I felt her grab me by the collar and pulled me to her. She whispered “I...” In my shock I barely felt it. It was a kiss of passion and mutual love. Her grip loosened and she breathed one last time. I choked “Good bye...”

I sat on the edge of the balcony. Our little scuffle had hardly disturbed the performance and it continued on. I watched it in silence when the chairs I had thrown against the door were pushed aside. Master Roth and five other councilmen rushed into the room, I saw their mouths shouting at me but I turned to them calmly “Shhh... She is asleep” and I motioned to Aalyna who lay peacefully on the floor. “What happened?” begged one of the councilmen “Anarth...” whispered Roth to which I nodded as I watched the show. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't even look at them.

One of the councilmen started to speak, but I turned around and faced Roth, who looked sad and disappointed. “You Saw...” “I didn't know...” “But you DID!” “It wasnt supposed to...” “Let me guess, we were bait, so you could get rid of a little problem, something that was putting a chink in your plans.” They said nothing “So Instead of INFORMING me. You let it slide. Well here is what is going to happen. Im going to walk out of here and get on a transport and leave this forsaken planet and Ill come back when I know you all are gone. And there isnt a Kriffing thing you are going to do about it.” I said it calmly and precisely. I stood up and walked out. I never saw them again.

A Self Imposed ExileEdit


Chief Librarian [etc.]Edit

889BBY / Jedi Temple - Coruscant System
Coruscant Sector of the Core Worlds Region

A return with a request

Grand MasterEdit

An offer one can not refuse

The Veil of DeceptionEdit

Discovering his true identity

A Family Found, A Member lostEdit

A family reunion with a twist

The Uncertainty That Dwells in a Man’s HeartEdit

Questioning the ways in which he was brought up

… … … … …Edit


The Brink of WarEdit

Unsuccessful Ambassador

The ArmyEdit

His army

The Last BattleEdit

19 BBY / 150,00 meters and descending over New Plympto - New Plympto System
Corellian Sector of the Core Worlds Region

“Remember, this is a quick insertion before the main battle.” I called out over the radio. My Eta-2 was crackling with static electricity as the magnetic accelerator pad charged, preparing to launch myself and my squadron out of the Venator. Sure it was a-typical for a Republic ship, but I had requested it. Come in faster than their anti air could shoot and you would be safer right? “We take out the Anti-air for the main force. Thats our priority. Afterwards we cause as much havoc on the clankers as we can understand?” I got a unanimous and enthusiastic “Yes sir!” Good. I gripped the throttle and little bolts of electricity began to shoot out from under my ship as it was lifted slightly off of the deck. I retracted my gear when the captain called out “Twenty thousand meters. You launch in 5... 4... 3...” I counted and then threw the throttle as far as it would go. I felt as if I had been crushed under the combined weight of the entire republic fleet and in an instant I was flying ove 2500 km/h, my astromech roll the ship to the right in a wide arc to drop the rest of the nineteen and a half thousand feet of altitude. My squadron followed suit as we screamed over the forest. With the moisture in the air and the heat of the carrier behind us we launched out of the strange accidental cloud bank and before us was blue skies and a green ocean of trees. The HUD showed that we were now traveling at six hundred meters a second and slowly decelerating. “Eighteen Kilometers ahead and closing. Be prepared for outer defenses to come on line any second.” One of my wingmen dipped a little lower and obliterated a droid watchtower with his wing before ascending back with the pack “And no unnecessary risks. Understand?” “Aye Sir.” “Ground radar detected ahead Sir” a missile blew by me, and raced ahead before sharply ascending and then descending, striking the radar with precision. A plume of fire billowed above the trees before disappearing into smoky remains that drifted over the tree tops. “They're sure to see that.” said one of the troopers. We'll get there before they understand what happened. Two missiles blew my me, one on my right and one on my left. They crossed paths before ascending to strike two more radars. Another came from under me to hit a watchtower. It was bigger and a quick observation revealed dozens of the towers. Directly under me was the outer defense base, the generator powered the Triple A, bit it could be repaired. “Wait for the Triple A to ascend above the trees before taking out the generator, they need to be eliminated.” And as if on cue two dozen or so quad barreled cannons rose to tree top level. They started pulsing, they werent lasers? Black plumes of shrapnel filled the sky. Archaic. Missiles raced from my wingmen before impacting the Guns. And of course it wasnt that simple, as the guns revealed them selves out of the passing smoke. They were shielded and still firing. Two fighters exploded as the rounds hit home. I banked hard to the right before letting lose a pair of energy bombletts on the generator bunker. Not sure if it would be enough I charged for a second shot. The first ones hit the spot and blue pillars shot into the sky before falling again. I looked back to see a great melted patch in the top of the bunker, a hard ascending left before diving on the same spot. A single orange streak plummeted from my ship and impacted. Orange fire raced over the bunker, some of it catching the surrounding trees on fired, but the center of the bunker collapsed. I had already banked and loosed another. I looked over my shoulder to see that I was already down six wingmen, but they were taking out the towers, Rockets streaked toward the base of each gun and they were toppling to the forest floor below. So far half of them were taken out, A tremendous explosion shook the planet beneath me. A huge dust cloud rose above the trees and a few even toppled over. The ground beneath the bunker began to collapse into a sink hole. Missiles now found their targets on the Triple A that was still firing. “Must have internal generators and radar” I said over the radio before unleashing my cannons on a gun emplacement preoccupied with one of my wingmen. The shots found their mark and the ammunition inside the bun began to explode. Some of my wing men limped back to the carrier that was now in a wide ascending bank to escape the planet. I took out a few more towers with the help of my two remaining wingmen. A quick glance revealed no more “You guys head back Im right behind you.” “Aye sir.” I gunned it to follow them over the tree tops. I began to ascend when a single laser bolt hit my right engine. “What the Kriff!” I yelled over the radio. My ship began to spin and fall back to the forest. It felt like a single clone on the ground had shot him, but he was different, and leaving. “Mayday Mayday Ive been hit, Im going down. Send a recovery crew to my location” I sent the coordinates of my still falling ship. I tried to turn it hard to the left and press the left engine, I stabilized and started to move forward while falling like a rock, no, worse than a rock. But like a rock I impacted the ground and slid, tearing off a wing on a tree before toppling into a ravine. Of course I couldnt just crash, I had to fall farther. Stopped finally, I looked around me, and there was no way that they would find me without ground forces. I wasnt but thirty feet below the normal ground level, so I climbed to the top to get a look around. My right wing was buried under a pile of trees close to the edge. “Oh I am good.” I murmured. I walked over to it and saw that it was almost completely destroyed. My asrtomech was smashed. Dang, he was a good one.

Atop A tree I could see the carrier still ascending into the sky. A gray arrowhead against the oncoming night. And just like that, it made the jump into hyperspace. It was a few seconds before the sound of its wake in the atmosphere reached me, and even after the echo of it had rolled through the trees I still thought, they'll come get me right?

Night was falling, and massive thunderheads were building from the north. I was alone, unless the natives decided to run me out. I jumped back into my cockpit and closed it. I needed to get some sleep and tomorrow I would search around. I wasnt going to stay stuck here.

An Accidental ExileEdit

Reconstruction of his transport and new trials

Flaming Temple

Ne'aol returns home to find it in ruins

History Revealed, The Plot ExplainedEdit

Return with hope, but deception once again taking hold

Turning From Old Ways, Hiding in Plain ViewEdit

Shunning the ways of the Jedi

The Prodigal Son, a love foundEdit

Ch'nei Lei'neu-Jun'iar

Ne'aol's wife of 19 years: Ch'nei Lei'neu-Jun'iar

19BBY / Lei'neu Corporate offices of the Caldari Corporation, Aldera, Alderaan – Alderaan System
Alderaan Sector of the Core Worlds Region

Returning to the family business and with a bonus

Business as Usual, an Heir to the throneEdit

Years go by and a new heir to the family business
His son Le'ito Mua'dib Jun'iar

Brought up in the footsteps of the fatherEdit

Raising the heir to the business with past generation's experience

Searching for truthEdit

Finding an old friend for answers
News of his daughter Al'iaa Iru'lan Jun'iar


Alderaan... Ch'nei... My home... My Heart...

0BBY / Jun'iar-Lei'neu Estate, The Great Lake Bluffs opposite Aldera, Alderaan – Alderaan System
Alderaan Sector of the Core Worlds Region

I had returned from Coruscant where my father and I had a meeting about this new information. I had only been gone from my home here a few days, and my Wife and I were going on a camping trip in the Alderaanian Mountains. I circled our house to find an Imperial shuttle about a mile form our house, guards were stationed around it and I was curious as to why the area police would be here. I landed on our private landing pad and jumped out of my Eta-2 and walked toward my house as two stormtroopers approached me “Whats going on here?” “It appears a young Jedi boy had broken into the home, a lightsaber could be seen. Don't worry we took care of the threat.” “But this is my home?” The two troopers looked at each other and began to reach for their guns. Neither got a hand on them as I used the Force to cause the center of their brains on the inside of their helmets. The lifeless bodies hadn't hit the ground by the time I ran the hundred yards to my front door. It had been blown in and two troopers raised their rifles at me, they too met the same fate as their comrades and they fell in a heap. I ran into our great living room and there lay my son, face down, killed by his own lightsaber. I knelt down in agony when I heard something coming from our room. I nearly vomited.

I slid to a stop as I stared inside. My heart had stopped beating. No pulse. No thoughts, I couldn't move to save my life. My wife. My beautiful wife. She was alone, kneeling on our bed, her body bruised and bleeding. Time had stopped except for us. I stared into her blue eyes as she blinked and smiled. “I love you”

A blaster shot brought everything back into focus.

Ch'nei Lei'neu-Jun'iar.1

"Be Strong... My Love... For me. For Us."

I couldn't feel anything. How could I? If I felt something at that moment I would perish in my own agony. My son had been killed by his own blade. My wife. Beautiful. She lay on our bed, stripped of everything she had ever had, battered and bruised. Peaceful. Resting. I just wanted to shred my skin from my body, break every bone. I wanted to die. Someone had to...

But fate smiled upon me at that moment, for there stood five Imperial officers at the foot of my bed, one still holding the pistol. I Force Screamed. It was a mix of pain, agony, hatred, fury, and blood-lust. Shocked, each one of them turned to me. I grinned. Oh I was going to enjoy this.

A small curved blade dropped into my palm that hung by my side, the silver colored blade flickered with the gentle light of the room. I couldn't feel anything except enjoyment at the fact each one of these men were going to be tortured. I knew I needed to feel pain. I had to know I was still alive. I linked all of our minds together with the Force and approached the closest officer. He tried to move, but I held each one of them in place. They stood like statues, horrified, and I enjoyed their horror because I could feel it. I laughed quietly as I stood face to face with the man and began to gently cut his left cheek next to his ear. His mouth was shut, I shut it, but a scream came form his chest, and the others too. They could feel the cut. So could I, but I found it pleasurable. I grinned a smile of contempt as I continued to cut from his temple to his jaw. Then I gently and precisely began to peel the flesh from his face with the blade. I could have one it more precisely with the force, but I wanted to feel his pain through my hands.

He closed his eyes and I stopped, tilted my head “Now we cant have any of that now can we?” I said in a cold voice and I tried to force his eyes open. He had sealed them. Hmm. I held my hand a few inches from his face and began to pull slightly with the force. Blood began to seep out of the skin in his eyelids, followed by flakes of skin. Within moments his eyelids were being pulled apart cell by cell. The pain was excruciating, my eyes burned, but I began to laugh. I still really couldn't feel anything, the pain he was experiencing would probably put him in unconsciousness, but as long as all of our combined minds were awake, so he would be. Now he stared at me, forever unblinking. I began to trace his throat with the blade that was being chased with lines of blood. Oh I was going to enjoy this...

I stared at my knuckles. They were bleeding, would be broken if it weren't for my connection to the force. I had grown bored with slicing the first officer to pieces. He was alive and breathing, but I had stopped counting the cuts. This officer I had pounded with my fists. If I ever forgot why I was doing what I was doing I just turned around for a moment. This man now had almost every bone broken in his body and I was now tired of him too. I smiled as my wounds quickly healed and I moved on to the next victim...


Light started to fill the room from the outside, the still standing statues of four of the now mutilated officers stood facing the last man. They were just barely conscious. I was perfectly fine, still unable to feel however. Boredom now had overtaken me as I had used almost every technique I had ever known. So I unsealed the man's voice. He summoned every ounce of energy he possessed “Kill me you Kri...” I didn't let him finish. I exhaled and their bodies exploded into tiny vapor droplets away from me, painting the walls in a reddish mist. I still couldn't feel anything. I turned to see my wife still laying peacefully on our bed. Her body, cold. I walked over to her, kissed her on the forehead and began to weep. I felt something now... empty.

Something glinted. The blade. So Enticing. A single thought, and then I blanked. Rough memories of an exploding shuttle and a burning house, but nothing except a voice “Its for you. We are doing it for you. For us...” Nothing. Silence. Peace...

Invasion - A Lost SoulEdit

"This shall be a new beginning. A new place to start. But we will still be at your side."
― The Brothers to Ne'aol
6 ABY / Caldari Corporation Headquarters, Galactic Center - Coruscant System
Coruscant Sector of the Core Worlds Region

The Rebel invasion of Coruscant - Shot out of the sky, an eternal meditation

In Universe HistoryEdit

Redemption, A Second ChanceEdit

[Date Unknown] / [Location Unknown]
[Scanner Status: Fatal Error! Please ask administrator for assistance]
[8648-138: Terminate Overwatch]

His Eta-2 slipped out of hyperspace, the lights off and radio's silent. His lifeless body strapped into seat still hung onto the controls. With a slight roll the ship tumbled toward the planet and the hull began to glow as it impacted the outer pockets of atmosphere. Steadily falling, the glowing became an inferno, a shooting star to those on the ground. The fiery ship skipped off of a sand dune and impacted into the side of another only to fly out the other side. It finally stopped when it buried itself into its own crater.


He wandered among the dunes for hours, dazed and confused. He aimlessly followed a train of people into Mos Eisley as night began to fall. He walked about the city, quietly looking for anyone who would aid him. As the night progressed he made his way onto a well known cantina to get a drink. As he made his way through the busy room, a man commented on his lightsabers, and how shiny they were. He knew the man was clearly drunk and pushed it off until he felt a tugging at them. He turned and in one simple movement punched the man in the gut, lifting him off of the ground. The man coughed, got up and took a swing.

Suddenly, He felt his consciousness pushed aside, and he found himself an onlooker to his actions.

He reached out and placed his hand on the man's forehead just as he was about to swing. The man’s face contorted in a mix of agony and horror, and every memory he ever had was turned into a split second nightmare. A fraction of a second later the man's face was blown out the back of his head and the body slumped to the floor. Droids rushed out to clean up the mess, and after a slight pause, the cantina was business as usual.

They Who RescueEdit

Amara and Jacomus on Tatooine

A New HomeEdit

Rahmus and Tenlith on Hoth

Let the Training BeginEdit

The Night Jedi

Moving AgainEdit

Endor Citadel Construction

Here to StayEdit

Head Archivist

A Simple Spar, A Re-awakeningEdit

Ne'aol and Master Rahmus begin a simple spar, but an accident brings others to the fight.

A New FaceEdit

After recovering, someone arrives and puts a skip in his step

You’re Friends CloserEdit

The Iron Fist

Return of the Son, the Gift from the FatherEdit

Returning home and receiving an amazing gift

Keeping Watch by NightEdit

Guarding Togoria, and meeting new friends

An Emergency MissionEdit

Val and the mission to Padyr

Under FireEdit

A threat’s a threat

Parting PathsEdit

Leaving the Iron Fist on good terms

Lost AgainEdit

Training and meditation


Waking to find an old friend in need

A New RomanceEdit

He and Val get closer


To save Ne'aol, Hugin and Munin unleash all of his forgotten memories

The Long Walk HomeEdit

Making it back to confront his father after splitting paths with Val

Checking the HoldingsEdit

A mission to Tatooine to find out why the Titanium-G shipments are coming up short

The Dark YearsEdit

Ne'aol - The Dark Years

During the Dark Years, Ne'aol wore this suit to keep him from the hazardous environments found on almost every planet. His rifle is a LMG, much like the German MG42 from WWII

As the major warring factions of the Galaxy had been turned to dust over the countless hundreds of years of War, Some Factions Rising, most Long forgotten into a time of the Golden Age of the Galaxy. But some, have been into existence since the very beginning of the Stars. And they have waited.....

Hundreds of years after the Battle of Yavin, the Newly created factions had finally put aside their doubts and made a peace treaty, The so named, The Great Law was made under the Jurisdiction of the One Army, Factions laid down their arms and Jedi AND Sith had finally put down their Age old hatred and made peace, The Grey Jedi and the Dark Jedi had dissipated into the void, Loth were they to sign the One Treaty that made all equal. And so they disseminated into the Far Reaches of the Galaxy. Never to be seen again.....

Years after the Great Law was signed, all was at peace, for the One Army, The Sole Defender of the galaxy,Factions had combined into the most powerful Army of the Galaxy. Creating an unmatched Numerical and Technological Superiority far far above the thoughts of normal men, They Spanned Galaxies, and in turn they created a Peace not found since the Galactic Republic and the Foundlings of The Jedi Revans teachings. Many primitive Worlds worshiped these Gods Carrying Lightning on their Hands, Smiting those who opposed them. Their Fleets Spanned Parsecs, And their Might had created the most powerful Force that the Emperor would have been jealous of. Their glory was long and great, and the People had prospered and was at peace. Without the needs of the Jedi or Sith no longer, The Contact between the great Pool that was the Force started to fade, and soon rare was the Jedi or Sith that carried a Saber, let alone wield the power of the Force. Some still existed however.....

News however had reached the Republic Army (Not in any relation of the Galactic Republic or the Old Republic) that recent worlds had been lost contact. Years passed by as these Galaxies were never heard from again. Then Suddenly like a Thunderstorm upon the Backs of the Wind the Dark Jedi had mustered, Themselves having an army twice Numbering the One. They had reappeared, lost from time were they, They assaulted Fortress after Fortress and took it without difficulty, They carried with them not only The Powers to Crush the Weak Republic Men and women but the backs of the Millions Behind them, They unleashed a war so terrifying that it lasted Centuries, the Age old War had become like a Plague, Killing worlds and whomever was touched by it was instantly Wiped out. The Dark Jedi wielded something more powerful than the Republic could ever have, The Force. For they, Who had refused Equality, had forsook the Galaxy and retreated under the Dark Stars, where they gathered, watched, waited and fortified themselves with the power that they knew existed in them.

And so they made war upon the galaxy, ravaging thousands of Worlds all under the name of the One Banner. Refugees Fled to the stars, scattering like flies in the wind. Like water in the mud, Food Soon became scarce and the war no longer was fought for simple Ground or a Victory.

But for Food. For Shelter, To live.

Worlds became nothing but Mud or Death, The Once Lush Farmlands were turned into massive Factories, And the great Foliage of the Universe was made into a Machine of War.

All Sense of Honor and Humanity was lost, Billions fought in the Trenches of War, Metal had become scarce, as the Great War had taken it and turned it into terrifying Machines, Most were lost. The Spare metal that any side had was turned into a Rifle, Or a Machine Gun, Or a Bullet, Or a Spear. Anything that man could carry and kill with was turned into a weapon. Starvation, Disease and The War took its toll upon the Galaxy, Billions Died in the beginning of the Conflict.

Hundreds of Thousands Died everyday. Cannibalism became a normality, since Meat was also scarce. And those who turned their noses and shook their heads rather than eat their comrades to survived had perished in hunger.

Clones were forgotten, as the Sheer amount of feeding them was impossible, The Glory days of Peace were gone and so were any form of Honor, Humanity and glory, all who fought was for the Right to Live and to eat. As the Great Law no longer mattered, The Republic was shattered, Their Former Glory lost under the Shadow of the Dark Jedi and their war with each other. This was a time uncounted, This was a story that no book could tell. But can only be lived, This was a war that could not be bragged about, but have been lucky to survive, Awards and Medals no longer matter, the simple reward was bread

And lucky to live to eat it.....

Behind the ScenesEdit

User BackgroundEdit

Ne'aol is RPed by Corey Sturgill.

Useless TriviaEdit

  • Ne’aol’s last name, Jun’iar, actually came about because Facebook requires that each user have a first and last name. After asking my friends about a good name, and a few slight modifications, the name Jun’iar was decided upon. It is actually more of an informal name and is something I hardly ever reference.
  • When he crashed on Tatooine, his back story was that he had been sold out by his allies. This is in fact not so. After Coruscant was invaded by the Rebel alliance, the weather was all topsy-turvy and his ship was struck by a powerful bolt of lightning, causing his hyperdrive to malfunction. It was in fact a freak accident rather than betrayal.
  • My first ever post was on October 1, 2007, but i was on a hiatus for five days as I decided on a character
  • In an informal conversation with Rahmus and Darth Vilus, Ne'aol was named the Lord of Laughter in their New Sith Triumvirate.
  • "I was going back and reading a lot of my older posts, and I can see that I have since changed the story slightly. Back in the old days, Ne'aol thought that his sabers were on the darkside, however I have since changed the story to be the Brothers who just used the sabers as an outlet. Though he has always had a certain attachment to his lightsabers. So I have and will continue to change the story and original posts to match that of his story. Any major edits of his In-Universe History will be posted somewhere." - Ne'aol 16:06, 19 January 2009 (UTC)
Ne'aol Formal

Though he may be over 1100 years old, it seems as if he hasn't aged since he was eighteen.

Behind the ScenesEdit

User BackgroundEdit

Ne'aol is RPed by Corey Sturgill.

Useless TriviaEdit

  • Ne’aol’s last name, Jun’iar, actually came about because Facebook requires that each user have a first and last name. After asking my friends about a good name, and a few slight modifications, the name Jun’iar was decided upon. It is actually more of an informal name and is something I hardly ever reference.
  • When he crashed on Tatooine, his back story was that he had been sold out by his allies. This is in fact not so. After Coruscant was invaded by the Rebel alliance, the weather was all topsy-turvy and his ship was struck by a powerful bolt of lightning, causing his hyperdrive to malfunction. It was in fact a freak accident rather than betrayal.
  • My first ever post was on October 1, 2007, but i was on a hiatus for five days as I decided on a character
  • In an informal conversation with Rahmus and Darth Vilus, Ne'aol was named the Lord of Laughter in their New Sith Triumvirate.
  • "I was going back and reading a lot of my older posts, and I can see that I have since changed the story slightly. Back in the old days, Ne'aol thought that his sabers were on the darkside, however I have since changed the story to be the Brothers who just used the sabers as an outlet. Though he has always had a certain attachment to his lightsabers. So I have and will continue to change the story and original posts to match that of his story. Any major edits of his In-Universe History will be posted somewhere." - Ne'aol 16:06, 19 January 2009 (UTC)
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