Navi Augustus Burnyu Saqua, Whill Shaman
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Whill Shaman Navi Augustus Burnyu Saqua is one of the three current two-star Whills. He is a humanoid mass of plasma with somewhat obscure beginnings; however, it is only recently that some hints as to his past began to emerge.


It is not known on what planet research began to be carried out, looking into the possibility of merging the minds of several savants, each with a different focus. The intention was to create a supermind that could essentially run an entire government by itself, or see a military operation through from the design of the ships to the logistical operations, strategy/tactics, and command phase. The experiment created more than the researchers could control; the seven savants whose minds and memories were merged formed a mind too powerful to contain, and the new being essentially seized control of the research lab through the electrodes on the heads of the component minds' former bodies. This new creation, calling itself 'Navi,' transferred itself to the control systems for the station's fusion reactor and formed the plasma contained therein into a new body, held in shape by a magnetic field maintained by Navi's mind.

Since then, one particular personality out of the seven has asserted itself as the 'primary' personality, a male whose original name was Vittorio. The being, thus, has adopted a male persona. He was inducted into the Whill order and has since been promoted to the rank of Whill Shaman. His quarters are on the planet Tython where the Whill order has made its home.

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