Nanny-X Manufacturer: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec

Production Rights: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec, Salnor

Functionality: Nanny droid

Cost: 35,000

Comfort padding and nurturing programing provide the perfect nanny. Beneathe the padding is an armored hollow to protect the baby if threatened. Once the baby is secure, assassin droid programing kicks in. Padded, multi-purpose hands fall away to reveal 4 blaster rifles, 2 flame throwers, even a grenade launcher with 3 gas grenades. The "baby chamber" is sealed with its own internal air purifier and oxygen tank, meaning Nanny-X can even protect a child in space without the child dying from lack of oxygen or carbon dioxide poisoning. The flame throwers can be used for extremely limited propulsion/manueverability in space. Armored shell is heat and acid resistant. Patented Ion Resistant Foam standard.

Original prototype used by Endor and Kitana for the protection of Vespa.