Myranda Ghomesz 001
Myranda Ghomesz
Biographical information

Atheiirn (Destroyed)

  • 5,386 BBY, Atheiirn
  • Age:-
    • Chronologically: 5,482
    • Biologically: 25
Physical description

Eterno a.k.a Ageless (Near-human)




5 feet 6 inches

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Skin color

Light tan

Chronological and political information

Old Republic era

Known masters
Known apprentices

Asyeline Skyrah

Myranda Ghomesz is a Atheiirnian Ageless female Force-Sensitive, the adoptive mother of Celina Ghomesz and the heroine of the Sparnico Republic. A warrior at heart, she trained as a Jedi Guardian, wielding a blue lightsaber, though she preferred using her personalized handguns whenever possible. She was active during the Sith crisis when Atheiirn was invaded by Sith forces attempting to take control of the Ageless homeworld. Joining with her masters and her lover, Sergio 'Sam' Ghomesz, Myranda led the military forces in the Sparnico Republic to victory against the Sith in that region.

After the war, she married Sam, and they had five children together. However, during the Crimson Death crisis approximately 1,000 BBY, Sam and Myranda watched helplessly as their children were killed by the plague. Around that same time Myranda sustained a serious abdominal injury which damaged her ability to bear children permanently. Horrified by her losses, she withdrew from everyone and disappeared. It wasn't until a few centuries later, that she returned to the Ageless, in time to assist the plight of Ageless Jedi Grandmaster Taralorn Melvarrik and Healer Asyeline Skyrah, who were now the parents of the last True Ageless, Celina Ghomesz. Fearing for their child's safety, the pair offered their daughter for adoption to protect the secret of her origins. None of the Ageless dared to take the child under their care for fear of her immense power in the Force, Except Myranda, who immediately accepted.

Miranda Lawson by sathiriazis

Celina's the spitting image of her adoptive mother

For Myranda, it was a second chance to have a child, and a chance to repair her broken relationship with her enstranged husband. By the time Celina had grown old enough to question her birth origins, Sam and Myranda made no secret about her adoption to her, expressing that they loved her like she was their own nonetheless, though they feigned ignorance about her true parents. Interestingly enough, Celina bears a strong resemblance to Myranda, causing the young girl to think that Myranda is actually her real mother.


Miranda by Bebbe88

Myranda Ghomesz blasting away

Miranda2 l

Tough as nails


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