Outer Rim Territories

Primary terrain
  • Crystallized glaciers
  • Jagged mountains
  • Ice canyons
  • Crevasses
  • Tunnels
  • Cliffs
  • Underground lakes
Major cities
  • Jygat

Chiss Ascendancy

General InformationEdit

Since Mygeeto was locked in an ice age, giant crystallized glaciation and ice covered its surface, as well as huge crystal spurs. Because of this, Mygeeto means "gem" in the ancient trade language of the Muuns. Mygeeto's internal fires long since cooled and had left a huge deposit of precious stones within its crust and mantle. The immense assets of nova crystals and fields of lasing crystals made Mygeeto one of the wealthiest worlds in the galaxy. The planet's ice shelves were also home to huge deadly worms. Also, the planet itself was enveloped by an asteroid field.[3] Mygeeto was not composed of a uniform terrain; instead it was composed of many different kinds of terrain. There was no reported volcanic activity on the planet, meaning that the planet's interior was stable. The immense amount of precious metals found in the crust supports the theory that Mygeeto's volcanic activities had been dormant for some time. Few cities existed on Mygeeto's sunken surface. These cities drew power from synthesized crystals which were constructed in large capacitor towers that stored and distributed the valuable energy drawn from the crystal. These cities were used mainly for administering the surrounding crystal mines, though they also contained vaults which were used by the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Nearly all of the planet's surface was covered in thick ice, and the polar climate caused massive snow storms that battered the frigid surface almost continuously. Before the giant ice age, Mygeeto had climate ranging form polar to temperate - 30% of Mygeeto was covered in polar ice caps and 70 was either tundra or temperate. Temperature varied between -47 degrees in polar areas to 17 degrees in equatorial areas. Every 200 years or so Mygeeto would go through a snow shift meaning snowfall would be persistent and low pressure would dominate the northern hemisphere. This would also mean Mygeeto's mean temperature would dip significantly affecting the whole planet.

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