Section of the station housing the offices

The Mustafar Orbital Shipyards were a large array of orbital shipyards built for Zion Inc, and later abandoned, and taken over by the Night Jedi Military


The shipyards had a large range of capabilities; they could construct any type of vessel that the plans were available for, from starfighters all the way up to Super-class vessels. They were capable of constructing at least 10 capital ships alongside one another, at the same time as producing batches of starfighters. However, the facility did not include a foundry to refine raw ores, so it required the raw materials to be processed elsewhere before they could be used.


The shipyards were constructed by engineers of Zion Inc to expand their production capability, and used to supply vessels to several fleets.


After building part of a Crossbone-class Cruiser, and then mothballing the project, the manager of the facility disappeared in unknown circumstances. When Night Jedi Military officers arrived later, to organise the purchase of some vessels, they found the offices to be abandoned, although all the the Mustafarian crew complement remained. They took control of the facility.

Night Jedi usageEdit

The first thing the officers (Mon Shurima and Luke Nimitz) did, was to have the damaged Corellian Dreadnaught Nightscythe brought in for repair. Alongside the repair of Nightscythe, they completed the Crossbone-class vessel that remained mothballed in the hangers. That ship eventually became known as Crossbone. They then began construction of some fighters, however, resources ran thin.

A shipment of resources was requested, and eventually delivered by the Reliant, at which point construction resumed, producing various Ugly starfighters, which were later collected by Liberator One. Not wishing to expend resources too quickly, however, the facility only produced small quantities.

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