Weapon component
  • E9S
  • E9E
  • (E9S) 200c
  • (E9E) 500c

(E9S) 120 rounds

(E9E) 300 rounds

The MRF slug magazine was a flexible carbine magazine designed for use with certain rail weapons such as Bretan Arms' E9 carbine. The magazine is stored flat, then wraps around the weapon and locks in place to load. It's constructed of rigid telescoping segments--kind of like the concept of a bending soda straw. When it wraps, the inside segments of the shell remain the same length while the outside ones expand to accommodate the increased length needed for the external circumference. Inside it the slugs are held on struts in a rotating framework, something like the way a revolver cylinder works but with a lot more and a lot smaller slugs (also the entire mag doesn't rotate, just the framework inside).

In the E9S mag (the basic variety used in the E9 carbine), there are four rows of slugs, with thirty slugs in each row. When the slug is fired, the struts around it are ejected; then when the entire row has been fired, no more framework remains there and the second row moves up to take its place. The E9E (an extended capacity version) has the same number of rows, with seventy-five slugs in each row. Currently the only models in production are the E9S and E9E, holding 120 and 300 shots respectively and both designed for the E9. This will change as the concept is applied to both larger and smaller weapons; an adaptation of it is also used for the E4 LongShot rifle.

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