Modified SE-14r, belonging to Moff Moon.

Moon's Blaster was a modified SE-14r light repeating blaster belonging to the Imperial Moff of Foerost, Daniel Moon. The blaster was a relic from his days as a young man in the Stormtrooper Corps, although he continued to use it even during his time spent as a Republic General on Mon Calamari. The grip and holster in which the weapon was kept were both altered to allow for a quick draw, something the standard issue variant did not typically allow. As Moon aged, his eye sight deteriorated somewhat, so the width of the scope was increased to continually allow for accurate firing. Also different from the stock model, the interior of the blaster barrel was comprised of Ostrine, further preventing the weapon from overheating. The blaster had three settings: stun, semi-automatic, full automatic.
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