Lieutenant Shurima was a Night Jedi officer in charge of supplies.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Shurima was a supplies officer throughout her service with the Night Jedi. She began as a low-grade officer, overseeing the supplies for the Endor Citadel mess hall. She was later promoted to large scale acquisitions, and, as such, was part of Isus' mission to seek out shipyards. She took part in negotiations on Kamino, where, after being made to wait a while, was given the access codes for the facilities and allowed to set up any order for free. She recruited the Kaminoan businessman Soli Dia to run the facilities while she continued her mission. She was later part of the team at the Mustafar Orbital Shipyards, who took control of the facilities there, and used them to further Night Jedi interests. She remained behind at Mustafar to manage the shipyards.

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