Master Shaper Mira Yim

Mira of Domain Yim was a Master Shaper serving the reborn Praetorite Vong many years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. A talented shaper though she was, her rise to fame did not come from any sense of ingenuity or creativity. What she excelled in was replicating the work of her predecessors. On Tur Yenagh at the behest of Prefect Shendor Yin, Mira restarted the Slayer project originally created by Qelah Kwaad. Later she would go on to serve Executor Nem Yin directly by heading up the shaping team on Myrkr. It was there that she recreated the work of Yal Phaath, shaping a second Voxyn queen from which she grew an entire new stock of Voxyn. Although deeply seeded with religious intolerance, Mira was known to venture out into infidel space on her own for the purpose of furthering her knowledge of biological engineering and science in general.