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Minda Licious "Lady Bellus"
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'Minda Licious' or as she is also known 'Lady Bellus' is a Jedi.


Early Days Edit

She'll be fine, but she wont remember a thing. At the beginning, she will not remember where she came from, she may lose memories of significant events, but she will remain the same person. In whatever she so chooses to do when she wakes up, she will be a success. - A family friend, also the doctor that treated her after her accident.

Born on Naboo, Minda's father died at a young age. This is all that is known about her, other than that she was a Jedi with the council before she broke away to become a grey. As she was adventuring in the Galaxy, she was in a starfighter accident and got amnesia. Not remembering where she came from or anything else about her past, she ended up on Bassadro, with nowhere else to go. On Bassadro, she practiced with the darkside of the force, becoming a Sith under Lord Decieus. 

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To Grow in Darkness and Remember the PastEdit

I sense much power in you, you will be a powerful Sith, beautiful and deadly, like lady death herself. -Lord Decieus, speaking to his new apprentice Minda Licious

As Minda stayed on Bassadro upon the split of the Hellborns, she had decided to become the Apprentice of Lord Decieus, and learn the path of the dark side. As she joined the Order of the Black Star She began her apprentice ship under Decieus and he taught her to use her emotions for power and make her stronger. As she trained with him, she also began to remember more of her past. In the first while, she began to remember scenes in which he mother had killed her father by using Force Choke, when she was only a young girl. Another scene proved her teen years to be troubling times, when she danced and sold her body for an abusive man that controlled her and many other women. As she continued training, she decided that she wanted to master and fight using the 5th Form of Lightsaber Combat, Shien/Djem So. As she trained in lightsaber combat she continually tried to better herself in the form and master more and more.

Family Edit

While on Bassadro, Minda had found herself in love with a fellow Sith, Darth Nomen, or Seravak, a Zabrak. After building a relationship, they had unexpectedly become parents to an unknown species considering their different races. They named her Annabel.

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To Return to the Light

Seravak: Is this what you truly want?

Minda: This is what I truly want.- When Minda told Seravak she was leaving the Sith Order to be a Jedi.

After much time within Decieus' order, Minda realized that the darkside was not the right path for her. She pursued an old friend for help and would embrace the lightside once again, leaving behind Seravak and Annabel.

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