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Mike Frantz
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"Mike? hmm... dont remember him. You must have me confuse with someone else. "
―Name here to Mike Frantz


Early LifeEdit

Mike Was born on Corellia to Jorin Franz, a former Jedi Master and Corsec Agent, and Saylin Frantz, a historian. On that day two others where born with him Zeren and Nalia. Mike was born first followed minutes later by Nalia and then Zeren. Mike is identical to Zeren. They share icy blue eyes and curly light brown hair. Nalia is a slightly different story. She has very straight black hair. When the three children where about two their Father began instructing them in the force. When Mike turned 10 another brother Roland was born and Mike decided he had enough of that Jedi crap and refused to attend any more lessons. Instead he took a job at a local mechanics shop to try to stay away from home as much as possible. He was tired of living in the dull streets of Coronet. He wanted to see the stars. He waiting with that dream until he was 14 when he finally had enough money to purchase his own ship. At about the same time his sister Nalia disappeared. He didn't really notice it much because of all the time he was spending trying to repair the YT-1930 that he had purchased. The day before his 15th birthday he had finally finished repairing the ship. He quietly gathered his stuff and tried to slip out unnoticed but once he was out the door he saw his father standing there. Knowing he could not stop his son he gave Mike some advice before saying goodbye and letting him go to his ship. Mike launched that night heading for anywhere but Corellia and only having slight second thoughts.

Daystar YearsEdit

After leaving corellia he named his ship Daystar and took it to the first cordinates on the nave computer. He ended up on Gand of all places. He was allowed to land but no one at the spaceport was able to understand him. Finally he Met a young Gand that was able to understand him. The young Gand was simply known as Gand at the time but the two soon gained a grand friendship. When Mike finally left Gand he brought the young Gand with him and gave him the nickname Eel. Their next stop was Tatooine. There they Feed a young Twi'lek from a nasty slaveowner. Before they left the planet she had disapeared and they never saw her again.

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