This list represents everything the Mercenary Alliance has worked for over the past year. Thousands of raids, hundreds of jobs, and TRILLIONS of credits worth of stolen items. Some of it was acquired legally, with money obtained from questionable sources.

Bear in mind the Mercenary Alliance IS selling all of this. We do have the rights to refuse service, and we reserve the rights to sell it at whatever prices we want. For example one trip of a dozen ISD's may cost you half a billion credits, and the next may cost you 1.5 billion credits. It is entirely up to us.

On that matter, we do not sell our entire stock at once. For example we will not sell you all 1,600 of our Imperial Star Destroyers. We can sell you up to 10 (on sometimes 15) percent of our current stock. This ONLY applies to items above 20 units.

Their are only two authorized people that can sell these items: Thomas Carter and Callandre Kell: BOTH Controlled by the same person. NO ONE ELSE MAY SELL THESE ITEMS UNLESS SAID SO BY ME(--Thomas Carter 15:01, 21 September 2008 (UTC))

The items themselves are kept as up to date as possible, and are in the process of being reorganized to better suit your shopping needs.

Disclaimer: We sell to FOUR RPG's. Items disappear FAST!

Disclaimer #2: We may use the items in question for our own purposes (some like ships do not apply to JVSS 1.5) so we may be unable to deliver them immediately.

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