Mask was a Miralukan male, who stood at an average height of 5'9". Mask was generally seen wearing black Jedi robes and a cloth that covers where his eyes should be. His hair was black with dull streaks of gray and at about shoulder length.


Mask became an assassin at an early age and often found himself booked months in advance. His main trait that appealed to his employers was his ability to see through the Force. Using this ability, Mask often made quick work of his targets, making him that much more valuable.

After his career as an assassin, Mask turned to governing the planet Abbaji with his new personal army. Almost like the man himself, Abbaji was largely ignored by the rest of the galaxy. Mask enjoyed Abbaji's solitude and often found himself training or venturing in the forest.


Mask is often described as either level-headed, cold-blooded, or friendly and inviting. He is most often friendly and level-headed, but the fear of him going cold-blooded often keeps those who know about his reputation weary.

Combat SkillsEdit

Mask had formed many combat skills over the years, first with his assassin and later with his planetary governor career. As an assassin, Mask developed keen swordsmanship skills and knife combat skills. He also developed impressive stealth and mission planning skills. Along with these skills, Mask refined his Form II lightsaber skills to allow him to fight multiple opponents and not be as fatigued as most practitioners.


Mask was actually given to him as a nickname during his career as an assassin. His birth name has been long forgotten, so he generally goes by Mask regardless of the setting.

Armed ForcesEdit

One of Mask's most notable accomplishments was the creation of his armed forces. Each member, regardless of position, was highly skilled for their specific duty. Though smaller than most armies, Mask's armed forces are a force to be reckoned with.

Notable MembersEdit

Typhoon SquadEdit

Typhoon Squad consisted of four female commandos, Rena, Hannah, Emily, and Ashley. They were seen as the best soldiers in Mask's army and were often asked for their opinions about their current kit, which, upon their request, would be changed. Rena was squad leader and specialized in being tactical. Hannah was second in command and specialized in slicing. Emily was the comedian of the squad and specialized in demolitions. Ashley was highly specialized in killing, her favorite weapon being the sniper rifle.

The Original SevenEdit

The Original Seven was a name given to the first troops under Mask's command, just prior to the closure of his assassin career. When they first joined up, Mask and The Original Seven created a name for themselves by taking on operations similar to that of commando squads like Typhoon. Together they were an incredible fighting force, and they often didn't leave anything except carnage as proof of their presence.