The Marrik-Class Scout Mech

The Marrik-class is a bi-pedal mech designed for scout missions and reconnaissance, and can be used as quick moving response to infantry. Used best in hit-and-run maneuvers, the Marrik-class Scout is able to move quickly, hit hard and fast, then withdraw to a safe distance. Prolonged exposure to combat is not recommended, as this mech sacrifices armor for speed and maneuverability. Its armor plating is only 3/8 cm thick. The mech resembles a droid, with the cockpit mounted on two legs, similar to the popular AT-ST, but with two extensions that resemble arms, where the chain guns are mounted. The cockpit, which is sealed to allow combat on atmosphereless planets, can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing the pilot to quickly bring his weapons to bear in any direction. The weapons on the mech can easily be removed, which will allow for different weapon configuartions as new upgrades become available.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


  • 1 pilot/gunner


  • 2.0 m (from chest to back)


  • 4 m (shoulder to shoulder)


  • 12 m (head to toes)



  • [2] 22 mm chaingun (mounted on the mech's "arms")
  • [1] light laser turret (mounted on shoulder)


  • 93 km/h (max)


175,000 credits

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