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*[[Talon Reaver]]
*[[Talon Reaver]]
*Darius Kuan
*[[Darius Kuan]]
*[[Darth voyd |Darth Voyd]]
*[[Darth voyd]]
*[[James Loyderas]]
*[[James Loyderas]]
*Kaibur Malice
*Kaibur Malice
*Valen Atoka
*[[Malice Hingang]]
*Jericho Nyt
*[[Zadea Ordo]]
*Tallon Baill
*[[Illuscio Blackhawk]]
*Zadea Ordo
*Devian Meta

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Ordo banner
Mandalorian Clan Ordo
General information

Canderous Ordo


Matthew Ordo Rhodes



Historical information

3,955 BBY



Other information

Mandalorian Empire

Clan Ordo is one of the clans of the Mandalorian Empire. It is the oldest Mandalorian clan, behind the Fett Clan. Matthew Ordo Rhodes currently is the Chieftain, or clan Leader, of Clan Ordo. The main base for the Ordo clan is based on the planet of Ordo, in the Eastern Outer Rim. Most members of Clan Ordo are skilled in mathematics, design, and engineering.


Clan Ordo was founded in the year 3,955 BBY by Canderous Ordo. He led the clan to greatness during the wars with the Republic and the Great Sith War. After he died, the clan was quietly led by various Mandalorians, whose names have been forgotten. The Ordo clan was once based on the planet Onderon, along with its moon, Duxn. Clan Ordo has fought in most major battles throughout the ages. Members of Clan Ordo has historically been visionaries, leading the way through their broad dreams, as well as tactical strategy.

More recently, the clan has been led by Canderous Ordo, who later became Manda'lor. He ruled the Mandalorian Empire well and expanded Clan Ordo during his time as Clan Leader. Clan Ordo is now led by Matthew Ordo Rhodes, a Diplomat from Ordo. He has been building the clan and the clan's influence to a great amount. Clan Ordo has recently had much power in the Council of the Clans, seeing as it is the largest clan at the current time. Clan Or'dinii is a close runner up in terms of size.

Area's of Clan Ordo's Influence

This is a list of Ordo bases and secure locations. It includes alliances and trade partners as well. The list also includes the sphere of influence Ordo has with companies and other factions.


Ordo is the seat of Clan Ordo. The Ordo Archives are located here, as well as the Ordo Citadel. The major population centers are Atteka, the Ordo Citadel, and Blue Wave Industries. On the surface, there are mines, farm lands, and villages. In orbit, there is a mining space station as well as a full array of satellites. These satellites have sensors, communications, and general logistics duties.


Ojom is located in the Deep Core. It is a frozen ice world used for training soldiers and has a settlement. A base for defensive purposes is also present.


Csilla is located in the Unknown Regions. It is a frozen ice world, but is not claimed by Clan Ordo. Clan Ordo has a small base/embassy at the capital, Cesplar. There is currently a peace agreement and assistance pact between the Chiss Ascendancy and Clan Ordo.


Mandalore is located in the Eastern Outer Rim. It is the seat of the Mandalorian Empire as well as the Council of Clans. Ordo has a small section of land outside of Keldabe. Clan Ordo will defend Mandalore with everything it has.

Blue Wave Industries (BWI)

Blue Wave Industries has its corporate headquarters on the surface of Ordo. It provides Clan Ordo with many of its arms and gear. Most Ordo bases have a BWI store there as well.

Known Members

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