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Organizational information

Admiral Z'har Dizen Or'dinii

Led by
  • MandalMine Collective Security Brigade
  • MandalMine Collective Naval Brigade
Primary role(s)
  • Mining
  • Mining Equipment
  • Transport
Major products
  • Building Construction Materials
  • Ship Construction Materials
  • Transportation
Chronological and political information



Jedi Vs Sith Golden

MandalMine Collective (MMC) is primarily a Mining company. While the bulk of its revenue comes from the sale and transport of refined mineral ingots, it also provides material transport, personal transportation, & mining equipment (including personal equipment, ships and droids). The main office is located on Dressel in the Galactic Market. There are MMC outposts across much of the galaxy.

Board of Officers

MMC is a private corporation, owned solely and completely by Admiral Z'har Dizen. However, due to the size that it has grown to, the Admiral employs a Board of Officers in order to run most of the day to day operations. However, despite the apparent power of the board, the Admiral retains the power to replace any member of the Board at his pleasure.

  • Owner: Admiral Z'har Dizen Or'dinii (PC Male Zabrak, 92)
    • Head of Acquisitions: Geht'hor'nthic (NPC Male Chiss, 61)
    • Head of Research & Development: Sevo Su (NPC Female Kaminoan, 42)
    • Head of Internal Security: Non-Com Or'dinii (PC Male Gungan, Age Unknown)
      • Head of the Naval Brigade: Commander Gotrun Raven (NPC Male Khil, 56)
      • Head of the Security Brigade: Commander Doric Hawk (NPC Male Human, 34)
    • Head of Mining: Zytlgren (NPC Female Kissai, 40)
    • Head of Transportation: Uddn Cruhn (NPC Female Herglic, 42)

Products and Services

Order can be placed Here.

Mining Contract

The standard contract rate for most planets is 10,000,000 "7 paid per year (IC, every three months OOC) in exchange for any mineral wealth extracted, non-negotiable. However, it is possible to exchange the standard contract for a less favorable contract with different terms (exact terms subject to negotiation).

Mining Equipment



Due to nearly a decade on Kamino and a large number of Kaminoan scientists, MMC is capable of producing clone laborers. MMC specializes in clones trained as mine operators, droid technicians, ship repairs, & (to a much lesser degree) physical laborers. However, MMC is able to produce clones capable of working as law enforcement or battle without much trouble. The clones are sold in units of 10. Pricing is as follows: Labor - 12,000 "7; Law Enforcement, General (Basic Class Troops) - 15,000 "7; Law Enforcement, Riot (Commando Class Troops) - 18,000 "7; Combat, General (Elite Class Troops) - 20,000 "7; Combat, Command (General Class Troops/PC clones) - 5,000 "7 (Sold individually only).


(Under Construction)


Natural Resources

MMC's main service is sale of refined ingots of materials useful in ship and building construction. Orders may be placed as either a monthly scheduled or a one time shipment. Any orders over 500 "7 will include free delivery. Any orders below 500 "7 will have a 400 "7 transport fee. Orders under 1,000 "7 can be placed at any MMC outpost. Orders over 1,000 "7 must be placed at the primary business office on Dressel. Orders may be placed via HoloNet or hypertransceiver.


MMC provides quick and simple transport to most inhabited planets for both cargo and personal, no questions asked. Please note that all cargo and passengers are scanned for dangerous materials, such as explosives. Additionally, passengers are confined to the passenger section of the ship and unable to access the crew quarters and bridge (unless of course, you know how to breath in a vacuum). Anyone attempting to ship dangerous materials or access the crew section of the ship will be questioned by the Security Brigade.

Transport for a single person with minor luggage costs 500 "7 for regional travel & 1,000 "7 for extended travel. Bulk cargo (per ton) costs 2,000 "7 for regional travel & 4,000 "7 for extended travel. Fragile cargo costs 5,000 "7 for regional travel & 10,000 "7 for extended travel.

Internal Security Force

Due to the company's troubled history of being subject to violent pirate raids, enemy assaults, & Jedi/Sith attacks, the Internal Security Force (generally known as MMC-ISF) is tasked with the defense of the various holdings and properties owned and operated by MMC. The MMC-ISF is broken into two Branches: The Naval Brigade (MMC-NB) which is made up of hyperspace capable craft; & the Security Brigade (MMC-SB) which is made up of security operative and the non-hyperspace capable craft and droids that they require. Additionally, the MMC-SB is tasked with search and rescue operations as well as surveying any mining sites. The Praetorian Guard also serve as bodyguards for the Board of Officers & as an office of internal affairs, reporting directly to the Admiral.

For security reasons, all MMC holdings, including ships, stations & ground installations have comprehensive holosurveillance systems, to the point that there isn't a single accessible space on the craft that isn't under continuous surveillance.


Serving as a deterrent to any pirate or raider force that would seek to attack MMC holdings, the Naval Brigade is made up of the best spacecraft that money can buy. Due to the decentralized nature of the holdings of MMC, the MMC-NB is primarily composed of corvettes, small escort craft, & Starfighters.

The MMC-NB is divided up into several Operational Fleets, these fleets are usually spread over vast tracks of space & will rarely gather in one place for anything less than a full scale emergency. The current list of active MMC-NB Operational Fleets is provide below.

Generally each ship's name is prefixed by a call string. For general transports, the string is MMC followed by a dash then the ship design abbreviation (such as MMC-ICS <ship's name> for an Imperial Cargo Ship). Ships that are part of the Naval Brigade or the Security Brigade have an NB or SB listed after the MMC & before the ship designation (such as MMC-NB-SCMC <ship's name> for a Strike-Class Medium Cruiser).


The operatives of the Security Brigade have been trained to the utmost degree. While usually they are only required to escort drunks or trouble makers from the grounds, they occasionally have to repel more powerful forces, including Jedi & Sith on occasion. It is for that reason that the operatives have been trained to be able to combat Force & lightsabre wielding adversaries.

Each operative is clad in glossy black combat armour with a mirrored faceplate, this adds tremendously to the intimidation factor that each operative presents to any would be trouble maker. The fact that they usually work in teams of four often makes the even bravest or most foolish soul pause & reconsider their actions for a moment.

Functionally, the armour is nearly indistinguishable from the armour worn by the stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire. Specifically Light Zero-G Assault Stormtrooper Armour, note that this is the unarmed version of the Armour, though is still retains the increased size, armour, & other technological benefits. The standard weapon issued to the operatives is a compact sonic rifle with a grenade launcher attached to the underside. While the weapon is nearly as effective as a blaster against most targets, it has a small advantage in that it can't be blocked or reflected by a lightsabre. A small bracer-style flamethrower is also issued to each operative and is is generally worn on top of their armour. Finally, each operative wears a bandoleer with room for 5 kit items. The standard kit layout is 3 fragmentation grenades, 1 flash-bang grenade, & 1 medpac, but may be different based on operative's needs. The following kit items are also available: grenades (Adhesive, CryoBan, Flame, flash-bang, fragmentation, Ion, Smoke, Stun); mines (Adhesive, Anti-Personnel, Anti-Vehicle, CryoBan); medpacs; MER command beacon (for directing local MER units); tactical strike beacons; & thermal detonators.

The MMC-SB is divided up into several Battalions. Each Battalion is made up of 500 fireteams of 4 Operatives each (2,000 Standard Operatives (Commando Troops) Total). It is rare for an entire Battalion to be deployed in a single engagement. It is completely unheard of for multiple Battalions to be deployed together. Generally, engagements that would require such numbers are thinned out by orbital fire before the Battalion is deployed. Vehicles are deployed as needed, With the following models currently in use.

The current list of active MMC-SB Battalions is as follows.

  • Geonosian Security Battalion
  • 1st Battalion
  • 2nd Battalion
  • 3rd Battalion
  • 4th Battalion
  • 5th Battalion
  • 6th Battalion
  • 7th Battalion
  • 8th Battalion
  • 9th Battalion
  • 10th Battalion

Praetorian Guard

The Praetorian Guard serves as a last line of defense against any hostile action against the Board of Officers or any other high ranking figure in the company. Clad in a red coloured variant of the standard Security Operative armour, the Praetorian Guard presents an intimidating front to any that might be foolish enough to try & attack their charge. In addition to the standard gear carried by every operative, each Praetorian guard also carries a single, crimson-coloured lightsabre. While they are not skilled enough with the sabres to match a more experienced knight or master, they are skilled enough to engage most sabre wielding enemies long enough for the other Guard members to bring other weapons to bear. Due to this & several other unusual circumstances there are even rumors that the Praetorian Guard includes Force users among its ranks, though these rumors are denied by the Board of Officers.

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